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But here it is!
Wed Aug 2, 2017 11:01am

Haha, I've been bit by the PPC bug again! You're right, they were all straight canonicals before, but Yikes™ that is so embarrassing these days, so I'm tweaking some things. (There was part of the RP that actually was an Alec/Sam/O'Neill love triangle, complete with pre-RP fanfic, though it wasn't quite like that. It had the PPC involved, but I, uh...changed that for th purposes of this.)

Expect some retcon interludes soon (and I mean soon as not in terms of geological time).

Alec just can't catch a break, can he? Poor man.

  • I was not expecting this so quickly.Zingenmir, Wed Aug 2 10:52am
    But it's *here*, and I *love it*. It's so fun to see new things from you about these characters. And I'm excited to see where you take the revision, too. Also, wow, poor Alec. That Stargate bit is... more
    • But here it is! — Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 11:01am
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