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Wed Aug 2, 2017 12:51pm

THE SCHOLARS (Scholar's Empire)
Infantry Civilization

Unique Bonuses:-
Hunters do +10 damage to animals and work 25% faster
Militia units upgrade for free
Units with a specific armour class gain +2 to that armour class

Unique Technologies:-
Vandam Tactics
Scholar foot units and all allied Unique Units gain +33% movement speed.
Researched At: Castle
Cost: 300 Food, 300 Gold
Base Research Time: 60s
Available At: Castle Age

Scholar and allied Unique Units gain the effects of other civilizations' Unique Technologies.
Researched At: Castle
Cost: 1200 Food, 1000 Wood, 750 Gold
Base Research Time: 300s
Available At: Imperial Age

Team Bonus: The team bonuses of allied civilizations are doubled and affect all military units (where applicable).

Unique Unit:-

Van Guard
"A stalwart defender that excels at taking down other infantry"
Unit Type: Infantry, Spearman
Trained At: Castle
Available At: Castle Age
Cost: 40 Food, 40 Wood
Base Training Time: 18s
Base HP: 65
Base Damage: 5 Melee
Attack Bonuses: +5 vs. Infantry, +5 vs. Spearman, +5 vs. Eagle Warrior, +5 vs. Archer, +5 vs. Gunpowder Units
Rate of Fire: 2.83
Base Armour: 2/0
Armour Classes: Infantry (10), Spearman (10), Unique Unit (10)
Base Speed: 1.1
Base Line of Sight: 4

Upgrades to: Elite Van Guard
Base Upgrade Cost: 1100 Food, 700 Gold
Unit Type: Infantry, Spearman
Trained At: Castle
Available At: Imperial Age
Cost: 40 Food, 40 Wood
Base Training Time: 16s
Base HP: 85
Base Damage: 6 Melee
Attack Bonuses: +8 vs. Infantry, +8 vs. Spearman, +8 vs. Eagle Warrior, +8 vs. Archer, +8 vs. Gunpowder Units, +6 vs. Unique Units
Rate of Fire: 2.5
Base Armour: 2/2
Armour Classes: Infantry (13), Spearman (13), Unique Unit (18)
Base Speed: 1.2
Base Line of Sight: 5


The Scholars' Empire has that rarest of things, a trash UU that's actually decent. While it might not do the most damage, remember that it has a boatload of defensive prowess and gains the bonus from the Scholars', and therefore everyone else's, unique technologies. The Empire's a real team player, befitting its lineage as a centre of learning and receiver of tribute from far-off lands; its units, while advanced technologically, suffer for it. Their Stables is particularly woeful, lacking both Scale and Plate Barded Armour as well as Hussars, Camels, and Paladins, so if you fancy yourself a fast knight rush, pick someone else. Anyone else. Their real strength lies in early Feudal Age M@A harassment and fending off Dark Age wolf rushes. They're exceptional hunters, too, so luring Boar and ambushing Deer is very easy for them to do efficiently. Their University is completely full, giving them good defences, and they have Ring Archer Armour and Plate Mail Armour for their foot units. However, they lack the Arbalest and, crucially, the Cavalry Archer line at all. This is not a civ for horse lovers. Navally speaking, they're pretty decent, with an almost complete tech tree that skips only Fast Demolition Rafts and Fast Fire Ships. Their Monks are pretty good, lacking only Heresy and Illumination. Finally, they lack Stone Shaft Mining, giving them a pretty excellent economy tree overall.

Everyone - and I do mean everyone - loves being on a team with the Scholars' Empire. In one on one matchups, they can rely on the strength of their Elite Van Guard, but in 2v2 or more, the Van Guard line gets a huge boost. The Mongols give units +4 line of sight. The Indians give +10 damage against buildings. The Malians let everyone research University techs 160% faster. The Persians give +4 damage against archers. The Goths give a 40% bonus to Barracks output speed. And so on. It. Is. Insane.

Being such a team player does have its benefits for the Scholars as well. Their love-in with the Malians continues as both the Gbeto and the Van Guard get +5(!!) attack from Farimba, while the Magyars become very strong indeed when they remove the gold cost from all allied Unique Units. The Turks also appreciate the boosts to Janissaries now that both their unique technologies (+1 Range and +20 HP) apply to them. Finally, a team with Vikings, Aztecs, and Berbers gives fantastic unique units, as Genitours, Berserkers, Jaguar Warriors and Van Guards gain seriously potent regeneration and bonus damage across the board.


So yeah, thoughts? =]

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        It's been a very long time since I've played AoEII, so I don't remember the details, but even if I'd never played it, I'd know you'd missed a perfect opportunity: The Bronee. How close is it possible ... more
        • WRT the Scholar's Empire bonus:Scapegrace, Wed Aug 9 4:25am
          Remember that each civilization gets two unique techs (one of which comes in the Castle Age as of the HD remasters), and whatever they are they affect the Van Guard. So, for instance, the Van Guard... more
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