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Re: interlude
Wed Aug 2, 2017 2:12pm

This was nice! Goes to show my own lack of emotional depth: I assumed the encounter with Randy would have been a lot more hurtful to Ix than Apecian's offhand comments, so I was rather startled when Ix admitted the opposite was true. I'm glad that Charlotte talked Ix into confronting her fears and leaving the RC. I also like that the conversation segued into Muggle combat, and gave Ix an opportunity to show off some of her talents, as we don't get to see her shine much compared to Charlotte. (Or at least, I haven't since I started up reading again.)

One thing stuck out as a possible contradiction to me, though. Early on, Ix said she doesn't, "'want to go out without being a boy.'" But then, when Ix changes her mind about going out, she points to her currently male chest as a reason for staying in. Am I missing something?

And finally:
"'I know I'm not good enough for her,' Ix began, but qualied when both Charlotte and Olivine began protesting."

—doctorlit knows when he tells a qualie, it grows and grows, until it becomes plain as the quanose on his quaface

  • And a new interlude.Iximaz, Sat Jul 29 10:42am
    Ix and Charlotte go to the courtyard in the aftermath of their last mission.
    • Re: interlude — doctorlit, Wed Aug 2 2:12pm
      • Thanks for the fix.Iximaz, Wed Aug 2 2:18pm
        And I don't think you missed anything; it's just that Ix is used to having her body hijacked and she's left not in control of it, but other people commenting on her looks strikes a very, very raw... more
    • That... was absolutely cute!Matt Cipher, Sat Jul 29 6:30pm
      And I am proud to know my ship is sailing mighty fine! Oh geez, and now I'm getting kinda sad because [rot13] Ybggvr nqzvggrq gung (ng yrnfg) fbzr cneg bs ure vasnghngvba jvgu Vk vf orpnhfr bs ure... more
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