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Re: interlude (spoilers)
Wed Aug 2, 2017 4:31pm

Poor Alec. I do think taking a nap is the most realistic first response upon getting home. I'm sure that's what I would do. I shudder to imagine the backlog of messages that must be on the console after three years, though . . .

Ah, so that's what he was keeping out of those reports. Sure wasn't expecting that, though that's partly because I wasn't aware he came from a crossover fic. I can't wait to start hearing some of Kitty's side of things; I'm sure her experience in Valcentica was even more wild than Alec's!

I thought for sure the summary was just being metaphorical, so I was surprised by the facial reveal at the end. Were facial marks a thing in Valcentica? I would say, "hopefully, he can get it removed" but I doubt you would have written it there if you intended to remove it . . .

There's one sentence where you've got "Flower" with a lowercase f:
"His console had messages from just about every flower telling him to report in . . ."

—doctorlit, finally caught up on commenting on current stories . . . FOR NOW

  • Interlude: A Changed ManChatvert, Wed Aug 2 10:16am
    Interlude Title: A Changed Man Canon: PPC
 Rating: T, for swears
 Agents: Trevelyan, A. 
Time Period: May 2010 HST 
Word Count: 1012 Summary: Three years away from HQ on one... more
    • Nice sort've, miniread!Larfen J. Stocke, esq. , Wed Aug 2 10:06pm
      I mean, it's not that mini. But I can handle it within a single scroll, so it's a bit mini. But, ey, I liked it! It's a real cool snippet into that sort of aftermath of those events, and it does a... more
    • Re: interlude (spoilers) — doctorlit, Wed Aug 2 4:31pm
      • Re: interlude (spoilers)Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 5:11pm
        Ooh! Thanks for letting me know about the typo - fixed it! They weren't a Thing, but it's something I've wanted to play around with for a while. Kitty came out of there with a physical change in the... more
    • I was not expecting this so quickly.Zingenmir, Wed Aug 2 10:52am
      But it's *here*, and I *love it*. It's so fun to see new things from you about these characters. And I'm excited to see where you take the revision, too. Also, wow, poor Alec. That Stargate bit is... more
      • But here it is!Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 11:01am
        Haha, I've been bit by the PPC bug again! You're right, they were all straight canonicals before, but Yikes™ that is so embarrassing these days, so I'm tweaking some things. (There was part of the RP ... more
    • I liked it.Iximaz, Wed Aug 2 10:31am
      Not really much else to say. It was short and good, and a nice light read. I can't imagine waking up with a tattoo on your face is a pleasant experience, though. Time to break out the lasers!... more
      • Thank you!Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 11:09am
        It's impervious to lasers - it's actually part of him now, since he's been combined with his Valcentiself. The trials and tribulations of being a double-canon character, one supposes... And maybe... more
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