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Re: interlude (spoilers)
Wed Aug 2, 2017 5:11pm

Ooh! Thanks for letting me know about the typo - fixed it!

They weren't a Thing, but it's something I've wanted to play around with for a while. Kitty came out of there with a physical change in the form of some magical scarring, so it's only fair that Alec gets some weirdness, too. :V His Valcentica counterpart, however, does have the phoenix mark.

The crossover-fic backstory is also a new thing since I'm retconning a whole bunch of the old Phoenix stuff. Got a lot of it written out, and Alec's is first up. I plan to post the first of those soon...

  • Re: interlude (spoilers)doctorlit, Wed Aug 2 4:31pm
    Poor Alec. I do think taking a nap is the most realistic first response upon getting home. I'm sure that's what I would do. I shudder to imagine the backlog of messages that must be on the console... more
    • Re: interlude (spoilers) — Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 5:11pm
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