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Larfen J. Stocke, esq.
Nice sort've, miniread!
Wed Aug 2, 2017 10:06pm

I mean, it's not that mini. But I can handle it within a single scroll, so it's a bit mini.

But, ey, I liked it! It's a real cool snippet into that sort of aftermath of those events, and it does a good job, I'd say, of getting that whole feel across. Get a really good sense of all the feelings in it - Alec's own responses to all that horrendous madness and also the sort of, return to the whole place. That whole 'sounds of chaos' bit was great, with that. It's pretty cool, I reckon, just how huge of a change this seems to be for your characters, too. Lots of area for character development and all other sorts of stuff. Nice that it's not just all static, y'know?

And, er, also, hello! You appeared and I didn't say hello because I was being squished by RL at that time.
So, hello! Good day!
Your first thingy you posted was bloody really good and funny, too, and I should probably read more of your other thingies. Unless RL squishes me again, in which case I'll imagine a potential alternate reality in which I'm not being squished and I am reading more of your thingies.

  • Interlude: A Changed ManChatvert, Wed Aug 2 10:16am
    Interlude Title: A Changed Man Canon: PPC
 Rating: T, for swears
 Agents: Trevelyan, A. 
Time Period: May 2010 HST 
Word Count: 1012 Summary: Three years away from HQ on one... more
    • Nice sort've, miniread! — Larfen J. Stocke, esq. , Wed Aug 2 10:06pm
    • Re: interlude (spoilers)doctorlit, Wed Aug 2 4:31pm
      Poor Alec. I do think taking a nap is the most realistic first response upon getting home. I'm sure that's what I would do. I shudder to imagine the backlog of messages that must be on the console... more
      • Re: interlude (spoilers)Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 5:11pm
        Ooh! Thanks for letting me know about the typo - fixed it! They weren't a Thing, but it's something I've wanted to play around with for a while. Kitty came out of there with a physical change in the... more
    • I was not expecting this so quickly.Zingenmir, Wed Aug 2 10:52am
      But it's *here*, and I *love it*. It's so fun to see new things from you about these characters. And I'm excited to see where you take the revision, too. Also, wow, poor Alec. That Stargate bit is... more
      • But here it is!Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 11:01am
        Haha, I've been bit by the PPC bug again! You're right, they were all straight canonicals before, but Yikes™ that is so embarrassing these days, so I'm tweaking some things. (There was part of the RP ... more
    • I liked it.Iximaz, Wed Aug 2 10:31am
      Not really much else to say. It was short and good, and a nice light read. I can't imagine waking up with a tattoo on your face is a pleasant experience, though. Time to break out the lasers!... more
      • Thank you!Chatvert, Wed Aug 2 11:09am
        It's impervious to lasers - it's actually part of him now, since he's been combined with his Valcentiself. The trials and tribulations of being a double-canon character, one supposes... And maybe... more
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