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Hieronymus the hermit
"Your general intention was and is clear enough."
Thu Aug 3, 2017 7:56am

"But even ignoring all details, like who exactly should be considered a Beytah of the Riding of Sittorese, or whether the Beytahs are truly representative of the Riders, only you and Baron Huinesoron are in favor of letting the Riding have a say in the council, while Baron Neshomeh and Baron PC clearly said no to any kind of representation other than through Barons who hold lands in the Riding."

The hermit moved uneasily in his armchair. "In the case of Wechi, Iím afraid the details matter. Although I would appreciate to hear more voices in the council, I donít see how what has been said could be twisted into a majority for one specific way of letting Wechi have a say in the Council." He sighed reluctantly. "Anyway, the subject has been closed."

((Actually, you and Neshomeh probably supported Huinesorons original proposition, which wasnít clear itself, but probably meant "one vote for Protector Tomash, one vote for each Mord, one vote for each representative of the archivists of Wechi, and one vote for each Beytah of the Riding who bothers to show up at the Council" ...

*** Thinking very hard *** Oh! Okay, Iím going to finish the intended argument first.

So, concerning the details, you and Neshomeh may, much to Baron Neshohmehís dismay, have outvoted Baron Huinesoron, who was tricked into saying that the delegates of Wechi should only get one collective vote for the nation they represent. You may also have outvoted Baron PC, who spoke against any form of representation for Wechi other than through Baron Neshomeh. But saying that you two outvoted both of them, because your opinions match and theirs donít, would still be a stretch, and the keeper of the records wonít go there.

As long as we donít agree that in-universe, everybody who took residence in Wechi is an archivist, making the archivists represent Wechi would collide with Wechiís pure democracy, and supporting this would be OOC for Hieronymus the hermit. Also, since Baron Neshomeh only voted "yes" for domestic political reasons, by sabotaging Huinesoronís attempt to expand the council further while in-character advocating more democracy, the archivistís apprentice stealthily fulfills his masterís secret wish.

Only while typing this, I realized that I didnít pay sufficient attention to the details. "Let the archivists of Wechi send their representatives" doesnít actually require said representatives to be acknowledged Archivists. If I hadnít manipulated Huinesoron, we would have a vote of three to one, and any denizen of Wechi could try to claim that they, by the Common Rule of Non-objection, are representatives of the archivists of Wechi .

Could I still tweak this, so that you and Neshomeh implicitly supported any more detailed specifications Huinesoron came up with only after you spoke? I guess itís too late, and it doesnít matter anyway. There is nobody else in sight who might have tried to speak for Wechi, and not being allowed to vote never stopped me.


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    • "Your general intention was and is clear enough." — Hieronymus the hermit, Thu Aug 3 7:56am
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