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Hieronymus Graubart
Thu Aug 3, 2017 8:11am

To be fair, Baron Huinesoron never mentioned the Meibot; he spoke of Barony July’s southern tip. In an attempt to be more specific, the keeper of the records mistook a tributary for the upper Meibot. The passage actually reads:

The relocation of Barony Huinesoron – a proposal by Baron Huinesoron to let him take the lands previously held by the permanently absent barons Araeph and July, but cede the southern tip of Barony July back to Baron Neshomeh (west of the Auriantym Chain) respective Baron Juliette (east of the Auriantym Chain), making Neshomeh the only baron in Wechi again.


  • Proceedings of the 2017 Council of PlortHieronymus the hermit, Wed Aug 2 8:35am
    Since Plort dropped off the Board, it’s time to wrap this up. This Council was held from the twelfth of July until the twenty-fifth of July in the City of Borrd. Attendees: Baron Huinesoron Sar... more
    • Correction — Hieronymus Graubart, Thu Aug 3 8:11am
    • "What, wasn't I clear enough?"Sar Iximaz, Wed Aug 2 9:36am
      The shimmering blue likeness of the baron folded its arms and sighed. "I thought it would have been obvious I was in favor of—oh, fine. Consider this the tiebreaker vote. I'm in favor of letting... more
      • "Your general intention was and is clear enough."Hieronymus the hermit, Thu Aug 3 7:56am
        "But even ignoring all details, like who exactly should be considered a Beytah of the Riding of Sittorese, or whether the Beytahs are truly representative of the Riders, only you and Baron Huinesoron ... more
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