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Belated congrats! *tosses Spikes* (nm)
Fri Aug 4, 2017 8:36am (XFF:

  • Permission Granted!Neshomeh, Mon Jul 31 9:30am
    Sorry you had to wait so long. I quite liked both prompts. They have a good amount of humor and do a good job of showing the agents' personalities, and I especially loved the arc about the console... more
    • Belated congrats! *tosses Spikes* (nm) — SkarmorySilver, Fri Aug 4 8:36am
    • Congrats, new knight!Hardric, Wed Aug 2 3:59pm
      And to go with it, here is a self-updating guidebook of all the deathtraps in the multiverse.
    • Thank you!LonelyStar, Mon Jul 31 11:44am
      I'll be getting right to that. Oh, and as for how Effie lost that box? Min mistook it for one Effie loaned her and grabbed it while Effie was off doing something else.
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