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Sun Aug 6, 2017 4:54am

My phone is being weird and the post option disappears if the message gets longer than this.

They couldn't leave a person in need of constant supervision in the infirmary all the time. The doctor would have to be able to focus o current emergencies. And they wouldn't even leave Suder locked up in tbe cells.

  • Are there any Voyager fans here?Miah, Sun Aug 6 4:50am
    I am hoping for a bit of brainstorming help. The crew has low margins for being able to staff all positions, especially considering all the extra work they have to keep up resourves and maintenance.... more
    • Continued — Miah, Sun Aug 6 4:54am
      • Pretty sure they did.Huinesoron, Sun Aug 6 12:56pm
        In the future timeline where Kes died of old age, she was in Medical permanently beforehand. In general, the answer is probably exactly what you're thinking: if they need intensive care, they stay in ... more
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