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Sun Aug 6, 2017 10:36am

First of all, let me say welcome, and please take this plate of freshly-made SPaGhetti!

As far as I know, most PPCers speak English only, though I do know of one instance where an Italian Boarder tackled one of his old badfics that was written in Italian and was translated into English for those of us who don't speak Italian. If you wanted to translate missions, with their authors' permission, maybe you could do something similar?

Anyway, I hope you decide to stick around!

  • Hi there!Diana Cribbet, Sun Aug 6 1:51am
    I go by Diana online but you can call me whatever you like, really. Seventeen year old girl born, raised and living in Argentina, so I'm a native spanish-speaker. I came across the PPC wiki while... more
    • Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 6:24pm
      Hello there and welcome to the PPC! I'm Twistey, an uberchaotic neutral lightly-used-bie, and I am currently learning Spanish, so I might ask you a couple things about the language. I am in a ton of... more
      • Hey Twistey!Diana Cribbet, Mon Aug 14 12:18am
        Ask whatever! (Is that correct?) I'd love to help, although if you are curious about a paricular expression it may vary a lot between countries; is there a specific "type" (from Spain, Latinamerica,... more
        • Well:twistedwindowpane, Mon Aug 14 11:00am
          I'm not too sure which "type" of Spanish I am most interested in learning, but so far I've learned kind of a mishmash, since the various tutors I've had have been teaching me different things. I may... more
          • Re: Well:Diana, Thu Aug 17 7:18pm
            Sorry I got back so late. I hope school wasn't all that bad by the way. Ooh~ I would love to read some of it, specially on Steven Universe since I've always regarded them as simple (if sometimes a... more
    • Welcome to the PPC!Tomash, Thu Aug 10 1:18pm
      Have two cents, so you can put them into discussions. - Tomash
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Tue Aug 8 4:29pm
      Please have a pot of black-hole coffee. Welcome here, hope you'll like the madhouse.
      • I am among equalsDiana Cribbet, Wed Aug 9 8:53pm
        Though the question remains, if we are the majority, are we really the mad ones or those who call themselves "normal"? Don't mind me, I get philosophical from timw to time. Thanks for the gift!
    • Hiya!RemnantShadow, Tue Aug 8 3:51am
      Welcome to the board! Here, have a replica of Murasame from Akame ga Kill. It can't do a one hit kill, but it's still very sharp.
    • Hello!leafeyes, Mon Aug 7 12:52am
      Have an araucaria cone! I don't think have anything in any language other than English, although if there were people willing to maintain content in other languages, there's no reason we couldn't/
    • Newbie- welcome!KittyEden, Sun Aug 6 8:50pm
      Have some SPAGhetti- for help with your writing! I received your audition for the Musical, by the way, and I'm gonna listen to it tonight when I have time. Thanks!
    • Hi thereCodeCom, Sun Aug 6 12:55pm
      Have a pile of multi coloured pens.
    • Heya! — Iximaz, Sun Aug 6 10:36am
      • Thank you all! :)Diana Cribbet, Mon Aug 7 3:01pm
        As for the Spanish thing, I think that, for a non-English speaker to understand the PPC, I would have to translate not only the Original Series, but also at least some of the Wiki articles and... more
        • For whatever it's worth...Scapegrace, Tue Aug 8 10:57am
          Your English certainly seems pretty excellent to me. Had you not said, I would've assumed you were a native speaker. =]
          • Thank you!Diana Cribbet, Wed Aug 9 8:42pm
            My problems are more with vocabulary, I tend to stick to the same group of words. Word puzzles and typical expressions are hell for me, and I could never tell apart British English from American (in... more
            • You're very welcome.Scapegrace, Thu Aug 10 5:31am
              The best way to improve your vocabulary in any language? Just hurl yourself into it. Finding out what words mean is a deep joy of mine, and it's always fun to find words in one language that express... more
    • Hello, any fandoms you are into right now?darklordaakmal, Sun Aug 6 5:33am
      I am currently into Kuroko no Basuke, Game of Thrones, Re:Creators, and a bit of Arslan Senki. Manga-only, there's also Historie and Vinland Saga. Do you write fanfics or just read them? Oh, and... more
      • Thank you! I shall try, neverthelessDiana Cribbet, Sun Aug 6 8:31pm
        Right now Yamada-kun, Arslan Senki too, but only the anime, and Overwatch. I'm also obsessed with Hamilton and DEH, but it's more of a constant state. I've written some one-shots mainly in the... more
        • Right now I am writing a fanfic.darklordaakmal, Sun Aug 6 9:49pm
          A Kuroko no Basuke and Mount and Blade crossover. It is quite a challenge. I have to rearrange the characters around to keep their relationships canon to the manga and anime. And then there's a ton,... more
          • Crossovers are a hard oneDiana Cribbet, Mon Aug 7 9:17am
            I've never attempted one myself, it's so hard to get them right and not end up with OOC or something like that, good luck! I know the bare minimum about them, but they do seem complicated to to... more
            • I just enjoy crafting worlds too much.darklordaakmal, Mon Aug 7 9:35am
              But not placing characters in them can make you bore easily. That is why I do crossovers. I also want to do crackfics, but it always end up making me uncomfortable instead of laughing.
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