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Pretty sure they did.
Sun Aug 6, 2017 12:56pm

In the future timeline where Kes died of old age, she was in Medical permanently beforehand.

In general, the answer is probably exactly what you're thinking: if they need intensive care, they stay in Medical (probably in the swooshy stasis arch thing). If they're able to be released to their quarters, they do that - possibly with specialist equipment manufactured, and then daily house visits.

Though there's not many conditions that would cause long-term casualties. The Doctor would simply spend the episode researching it, and then fix it - or else they'd die. Trek-tech is very good at fixing the non-lethal.

(My phone does the same thing; you might try turning screen-rotation on and flipping it sideways, that often restores it.)


  • ContinuedMiah, Sun Aug 6 4:54am
    My phone is being weird and the post option disappears if the message gets longer than this. They couldn't leave a person in need of constant supervision in the infirmary all the time. The doctor... more
    • Pretty sure they did. — Huinesoron, Sun Aug 6 12:56pm
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