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Diana Cribbet
Thank you! I shall try, nevertheless
Sun Aug 6, 2017 8:31pm

Right now Yamada-kun, Arslan Senki too, but only the anime, and Overwatch. I'm also obsessed with Hamilton and DEH, but it's more of a constant state.

I've written some one-shots mainly in the Potterverse but it's been a while since I've published something (and now they just make me cringe). I'm currently planning on rewriting an abandonded long fic of mine but in the meantime I'm just playing with some original stuff.

  • Hello, any fandoms you are into right now?darklordaakmal, Sun Aug 6 5:33am
    I am currently into Kuroko no Basuke, Game of Thrones, Re:Creators, and a bit of Arslan Senki. Manga-only, there's also Historie and Vinland Saga. Do you write fanfics or just read them? Oh, and... more
    • Thank you! I shall try, nevertheless — Diana Cribbet, Sun Aug 6 8:31pm
      • Right now I am writing a fanfic.darklordaakmal, Sun Aug 6 9:49pm
        A Kuroko no Basuke and Mount and Blade crossover. It is quite a challenge. I have to rearrange the characters around to keep their relationships canon to the manga and anime. And then there's a ton,... more
        • Crossovers are a hard oneDiana Cribbet, Mon Aug 7 9:17am
          I've never attempted one myself, it's so hard to get them right and not end up with OOC or something like that, good luck! I know the bare minimum about them, but they do seem complicated to to... more
          • I just enjoy crafting worlds too much.darklordaakmal, Mon Aug 7 9:35am
            But not placing characters in them can make you bore easily. That is why I do crossovers. I also want to do crackfics, but it always end up making me uncomfortable instead of laughing.
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