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Right now I am writing a fanfic.
Sun Aug 6, 2017 9:49pm

A Kuroko no Basuke and Mount and Blade crossover. It is quite a challenge. I have to rearrange the characters around to keep their relationships canon to the manga and anime. And then there's a ton, and I mean A TON of characters in M&B, and I can't fit them all in without feeling it was shoehorned.

What was the fandom of your old fic? Is it Potterverse? And good luck with original stuff. For some reason I can't make new original stories.

  • Thank you! I shall try, neverthelessDiana Cribbet, Sun Aug 6 8:31pm
    Right now Yamada-kun, Arslan Senki too, but only the anime, and Overwatch. I'm also obsessed with Hamilton and DEH, but it's more of a constant state. I've written some one-shots mainly in the... more
    • Right now I am writing a fanfic. — darklordaakmal, Sun Aug 6 9:49pm
      • Crossovers are a hard oneDiana Cribbet, Mon Aug 7 9:17am
        I've never attempted one myself, it's so hard to get them right and not end up with OOC or something like that, good luck! I know the bare minimum about them, but they do seem complicated to to... more
        • I just enjoy crafting worlds too much.darklordaakmal, Mon Aug 7 9:35am
          But not placing characters in them can make you bore easily. That is why I do crossovers. I also want to do crackfics, but it always end up making me uncomfortable instead of laughing.
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