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Hmm. Not sure.
Mon Aug 7, 2017 12:43pm

I think it was lifted? It doesn't look like the sort of thing I'd invent, and the Force knows* there was enough raw material to work with.

(*Yes, I know, 'that isn't how the Force works' etc.)

Writing canon characters interacting in OFUs is extremely fun. It's... kind of odd that I didn't do much of that in OFUDisc; if Year Two ever gets off the ground, I'm sure I'll have a lot more. (And if I ever get round to that Labyrinth OFU... ah, well, such things are dreams made of.)


  • Awesome; thank you!Alleb, Mon Aug 7 11:58am
    Egads, I'm quite excited! I'm thinking I'll go with a second OFU, since, as you said, the original is long gone. This is going to be so fun. Thanks again, hS! Oh, yes, I remember that standalone now. ... more
    • Hmm. Not sure. — Huinesoron, Mon Aug 7 12:43pm
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