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WRT the Scholar's Empire bonus:
Wed Aug 9, 2017 4:25am

Remember that each civilization gets two unique techs (one of which comes in the Castle Age as of the HD remasters), and whatever they are they affect the Van Guard. So, for instance, the Van Guard are affected by the Malian's +5 attack bonus to cavalry from Farimba, the Aztec's +4 bonus to infantry from Garland Wars, the +20 HP from the Turks' Sipahi, the enormous boost to production speed from the Ethiopians' Royal Heirs, the stacked-up area-of-effect damage from the Byzantines, Slavs, and Celts... the list goes on. They have a pretty excellent tech tree and do scarily well in the lategame, using their very fast Van Guard (recall that their movement speed gets boosted by 33% and for heavy infantry it's already really fast) to spearhead attacks while backing them up with a lot of upgrades. In any event, my point with making the Scholars' Empire was to make a civ that was far stronger as an ally than on its own, because when there's nobody left but them, they crumble and fall.

On the Bronee: that's the Huns. That's basically the Huns. Probably with a similar cavalry-related unique tech to Perfusion from the Goths, but still: it's basically the Huns. Maybe with some bonuses cribbed from the Lakota in AoE3.

On Plort: I designed them around being a cavalry archer Civ because, well, cavalry archer Civs are hella fun to play and there aren't any that do melee damage. Additionally, it's very hard to do actual stealth in AoE, so I built it around having an excellent Castle Age to provide mid-game pressure through raiding - and you can't deny that raiding is something that we do a lot in Plort. Plortish units are very easy to mass up, particularly with the increased production speed from their team bonus, which gives them an excellent knight rush and Marizu Hunter rush.

On the Marizu: Yes, there's conversion, but having it be near-instantaneous would be monstrously overpowered. Monks and monk-style units are already very strong (the Aztecs, for instance, have a notorious monk rush) because they can convert, with the requisite upgrades, all units and even buildings. I mean, a conversion speed upgrade isn't out of the question, and a civ bonus that let Villagers be affected by Monastery upgrades would also work, but I'm always slightly wary of boosting monks any more. I was working on a design involving concentrating your force into what essentially was a massively expensive unit that had literally every single unit armour class in the game, was affected by all upgrades, had great base stats, and trained quickly. They'd be difficult to fight one on one, a nightmare en masse, and take massive bonus damage from, for instance, pikemen and halberdiers - a common trash unit that the Marizu would not even slightly care about because they don't cost gold, they must be useless, how can some smelly guy with a stick possibly hurt me?

But yeah, thanks for your thoughts! It's given me quite a bit to think about. =]

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    • WRT the Scholar's Empire bonus: — Scapegrace, Wed Aug 9 4:25am
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