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Wed Aug 9, 2017 8:35pm

An imaginary friend character! I'm actually planning to make an entire RC of all the talking animal imaginaries I had as a kid, though it will largely be a background joke, and not a proper spin-off.

. . . Yeah, not much to say content-wise, being an MST. Um, on to the typos I caught?

First, a couple general notes. The titles of canons in your author's note at the beginning should be italicized. (Or in this case, not italicized to set them apart from all the italicized text around them.)

Pauses in writing shown with a line instead of a comma should use a long dash rather than a hyphen:
"'S—okay, Iím out of affectionate nicknames, can we maybe stop this now?' The other girl—her name was Kitty—ran a hand through her messy hair. 'Also, people might be getting the wrong impression.'"
Sadly, U.S. keyboards don't actually have that as a key.
On the Board and other places that use html-based coding, you can make them by filling in the space with & mdash ; but without any spaces. On GDocs and Word docs, you have to go through the Insert --> Symbol rigmarole, or just copy-and-paste them.

Note that you don't need to change the hyphens in adjectival phrases, or other word phrases strung together into a single complex word; you're already using those correctly:
"'. . . while sporking fics that we found bad and-slash-or amusing . . .'"

"'I kinda wish we were Agents,' Kitty said . . ."
No need for that capital "A" there. As far as the PPC goes, "agent" only gets the capital "A" when it's a title in front of an agent's name; otherwise, it's just a common noun.

"'. . . he wasnít happy the insubordination of his own nose . . .'"
You're missing a preposition between "happy" and "the."

—doctorlit also uses long dashes to sign his name, clearly

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