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Diana Cribbet
Thank you!
Wed Aug 9, 2017 8:42pm

My problems are more with vocabulary, I tend to stick to the same group of words. Word puzzles and typical expressions are hell for me, and I could never tell apart British English from American (in writings) if my life depended on it (say; flat versus appartment, mate, the only examples I know. No, actually, gotta and got to, since I always mess those two up in English class). It means a lot though, specially coming from a Boarder.

  • For whatever it's worth...Scapegrace, Tue Aug 8 10:57am
    Your English certainly seems pretty excellent to me. Had you not said, I would've assumed you were a native speaker. =]
    • Thank you! — Diana Cribbet, Wed Aug 9 8:42pm
      • You're very welcome.Scapegrace, Thu Aug 10 5:31am
        The best way to improve your vocabulary in any language? Just hurl yourself into it. Finding out what words mean is a deep joy of mine, and it's always fun to find words in one language that express... more
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