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Hello returnbie.
Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:09pm

Please have a bag of black-hole chocolates.

  • Um... Hello AgainOpinionedAngel, Mon Aug 7 8:19pm
    It's been a while, but I've finally gathered the courage to step back in again! For those of you not in the know, I go by the handle OpinionedAngel, and I used to frequent this place ages ago. I even ... more
    • Eyyyyyyy returnbie!twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 6:00pm
      Nice to meet you, I'm Twistey, an uberchaotic neutral lightly-used-bie. That's great that you came back, you seem like an interesting person. Here, as a returnbie gift, have a pen with feathers on... more
    • Hello returnbie. — Hardric, Thu Aug 10 2:09pm
    • HiDiana Cribbet, Wed Aug 9 8:15pm
      I don't know what's the policy here for newbies making gifts (specially since you're not actually a newbie) so here are my intentions of giving you a gift. Hope you like them. Stay determined! I... more
      • I had the same question concerning rules of gifts earlier.twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 6:03pm
        Here's what Zingenmir replied:;article=309524;title=PPC%20Posting%20Board;pagemark=75 -Twistey
        • Okay, then! Diana Cribbet, Sun Aug 13 12:01am
          Please take this Conveniently Shaped Lamp I was hiding behind my back, to match that determination of yours. Use in case of skeletons.
          • *Twistey gets the reference.twistedwindowpane, Sun Aug 13 8:04pm
            *Twistey also hopes that OpinionedAngel will see your post and accept the lamp. -Twistey
    • Welcome back!eatpraylove, Tue Aug 8 3:51pm
      I don't believe we met the first time you showed up. Tell me about your fandoms, niche interests, all-consuming passions... Also, here's a pair of fuzzy blue socks, because why not!
      • Thanks!OpinionedAngel, Sat Aug 12 10:41pm
        As for my fandoms, niche interests and the like, I tend to like a variety of series and genres, mostly sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk (and all those other kinds of -punk settings), urban fantasy,... more
    • Hello, recently returned here too.darklordaakmal, Mon Aug 7 10:00pm
      Been writing fanfics again, Kuroko no Basuke have no shortage of interesting characters and powers. Here, have a Rule Breaker replica. Can't break rules with it, unfortunately.
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