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And I finished it.
Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:22pm

While I'm a big fan of assassinations playing ironically,I find the twist you chose for this mission to be really interesting too. On a more personal note, I also like the way the part before the mission went.

I'll admit that I read the teaser a long time ago,but I remember Ave's lecture by Dawn, though fully deserved, was a more one-sided one, and appreciate the nuancing done. Oh, and of course, congratulations to the first supervillain of Middle-Earth, Sauroman. A clear win for him to brag about to Morgoth.

And discovering more abouut the other agents written by Zingenmir was also something I liked. Juggling with many characterrs and giving each of them their own identity is something really impressive.

  • Historic releases!Iximaz and Zingenmir, Sat Aug 5 5:33pm
    From the graveyard of stories begun in 2015 comes the last mission of Dawn and Zeb's partnership. And in a new interlude , set several days after the mission, Dawn keeps her promise and brings Zeb to ... more
    • And I finished it. — Hardric, Thu Aug 10 2:22pm
    • Re: stories (spoilers for mission)doctorlit, Tue Aug 8 4:33pm
      Baby Elf, Ent-queen This mission had a few little details that I really liked. Firstly, you guys did a good job of continuously reminding the reader of the disguises the agents were wearing at any... more
      • When it did down Hieronymus Graubart, Wed Aug 9 4:27am
        What is wrong there? I became slightly confused when I read it, but then I thought it might be a legitimate use of "down" as a verb. HG
      • Very quickly:Zingenmir, Wed Aug 9 12:12am
        The nail polish thing is that Dawn generally wears sparkly nail polish. Almost all the time. The interlude, however, is set shortly after Des got stuck in that suit of cybernetic armor, and she's... more
        • Oh, okay.doctorlit, Wed Aug 9 10:45am
          Sorry, I kind of stopped reading new material at some point a couple years back, trying to plow through archiving all the PPC and OFUs. But it's gotten to the point where I never had time to do much... more
    • "IT'S SAUROMAN!"Hieronymus Graubart, Tue Aug 8 5:31am
      My imagination went immediately to a superhero in a dinosaur costume, or being an actual anthropomorphic dinosaur, haunting the mountains until the word world realizes that he is supposed to be... more
    • Just finished reading the missionAnonymous, Mon Aug 7 8:49pm
      And all I caught was a possible missing scene break. You might want to add a scene break before the paragraph starting "Inside the fic, Zeb ran a tongue over his protruding teeth and grimaced." Also, ... more
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