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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:17pm

Hey! I read this fantastic book called Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell!

So, after some digging, there doesn't seem to be much of a fandom. Not even a wikia site! So, this is both a shoutout post to the book and the TV adaptation, and me looking for fans! Has anyone read or heard about it?

    • There is a wiki, actually.Huinesoron, Fri Aug 11 6:52am
      You're looking for the Library at Hurtfew ; it's pretty good. I read the book years ago, and Kaitlyn and I watched the adaptation. I know Scapegrace is a fan, too - at least one of her agents is an... more
    • While on the subject of works needing fandoms...darklordaakmal, Fri Aug 11 1:53am
      Let me introduce you to some lesser known mangas. Historie: A story about this Scythian guy, named Eumenes, who chronicles the rise of Macedonian Empire from the father, King Philip, to possibly his... more
      • While STILL on the subject...Thoth, Tue Aug 15 5:01pm
        A few years ago I came across a webcomic which, aside from its TVTropes page, seems to have little reference on the web. It's called 1/0 ( ), and it's probably... more
        • I love this.darklordaakmal, Tue Aug 15 8:53pm
 Now that is writing stories in a nutshell.
        • Merciful Tailsteak, is that thing still up?Huinesoron, Tue Aug 15 5:43pm
          I assumed it had gone the way of Geocities many a year ago. I've read 1/0 end-to-end twice. It's completely bonkers and I love it. hS
          • Thrice, now. ;)Huinesoron, Wed Aug 16 8:37am
            And I can confirm that I seem to have subconsciously cribbed plot-points from 1/0 at least twice in my PPC writings. (It might look like thrice, but Lou's nature predates my reading it.) hS
            • Let me guess...Thoth, Wed Aug 16 11:02am
              The one where the PPC became aware of the board, right? I don't remember the name, and your website seems to have been taken down. (please fix that, by the way)
              • That's the one.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 16 11:20am
                My Webplex is still there, though; a lot of its images have been lost due to Photobucket being a pain in the neck, but the stories are all still accessible. Or at least they should be! Which bits are ... more
                • DownThoth, Wed Aug 16 2:29pm
                  The main page is gone. You know, $DOCUMENT_ROOT/index.html. I assume here that you know what $DOCUMENT_ROOT is. So If I don't request a subdirectory (like /Fanfic, which you linked), I get 404ed. At... more
                  • ... what in the world's happened there?Huinesoron, Wed Aug 16 3:42pm
                    So the problem is that the index page was a .htm page, not a .html. Which I don't think was a problem before? Anyway, I've changed it, but am still baffled by it. hS
          • Indeed!Thoth, Tue Aug 15 10:32pm
            Yeah, and Tailsteak's website is still updating semi-frequently as well. It now lives at, though. Have you read Tailsteak's... other work of note? It too is hilarious and gloriously... more
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