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While on the subject of works needing fandoms...
Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:53am

Let me introduce you to some lesser known mangas.

Historie: A story about this Scythian guy, named Eumenes, who chronicles the rise of Macedonian Empire from the father, King Philip, to possibly his son, Alexander the Great. Takes some creative licenses, especially about Alexander's psychology.

Origin: A robot story. Apparently, even as a robot, you need to have money to repair yourself. Facing his 'brothers', he will have to ensure his own survival. By hook or by crook.

Vinland Saga: I may be tooting the war horn to the guests of Valhalla and Folkvangr here. But if you are a fan of history and Vikings, you must read this. Thorfinn Karlsefni has a dream. To make a new place, where you can live in peace. This place is called Farmland. Well, Vinland, but you get the idea. Right now, every warrior wants to 1 on 1 against him, but he has resolved not to resort to violence ever again. How did he escape from the challenges? How can he reach Miklagarth in time and get the funds needed for his project? And will the crossbowwoman ever kill him? Tune in to find out.

I think these mangas may be less obscure than I thought, but if it tickles your curiosity, then I have done my work.

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellMaxewell, Thu Aug 10 9:17pm
    Hey! I read this fantastic book called Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell! So, after some digging, there doesn't seem to be much of a fandom. Not even a wikia site! So,... more
    • There is a wiki, actually.Huinesoron, Fri Aug 11 6:52am
      You're looking for the Library at Hurtfew ; it's pretty good. I read the book years ago, and Kaitlyn and I watched the adaptation. I know Scapegrace is a fan, too - at least one of her agents is an... more
    • While on the subject of works needing fandoms... — darklordaakmal, Fri Aug 11 1:53am
      • While STILL on the subject...Thoth, Tue Aug 15 5:01pm
        A few years ago I came across a webcomic which, aside from its TVTropes page, seems to have little reference on the web. It's called 1/0 ( ), and it's probably... more
        • I love this.darklordaakmal, Tue Aug 15 8:53pm
 Now that is writing stories in a nutshell.
        • Merciful Tailsteak, is that thing still up?Huinesoron, Tue Aug 15 5:43pm
          I assumed it had gone the way of Geocities many a year ago. I've read 1/0 end-to-end twice. It's completely bonkers and I love it. hS
          • Thrice, now. ;)Huinesoron, Wed Aug 16 8:37am
            And I can confirm that I seem to have subconsciously cribbed plot-points from 1/0 at least twice in my PPC writings. (It might look like thrice, but Lou's nature predates my reading it.) hS
            • Let me guess...Thoth, Wed Aug 16 11:02am
              The one where the PPC became aware of the board, right? I don't remember the name, and your website seems to have been taken down. (please fix that, by the way)
              • That's the one.Huinesoron, Wed Aug 16 11:20am
                My Webplex is still there, though; a lot of its images have been lost due to Photobucket being a pain in the neck, but the stories are all still accessible. Or at least they should be! Which bits are ... more
                • DownThoth, Wed Aug 16 2:29pm
                  The main page is gone. You know, $DOCUMENT_ROOT/index.html. I assume here that you know what $DOCUMENT_ROOT is. So If I don't request a subdirectory (like /Fanfic, which you linked), I get 404ed. At... more
                  • ... what in the world's happened there?Huinesoron, Wed Aug 16 3:42pm
                    So the problem is that the index page was a .htm page, not a .html. Which I don't think was a problem before? Anyway, I've changed it, but am still baffled by it. hS
          • Indeed!Thoth, Tue Aug 15 10:32pm
            Yeah, and Tailsteak's website is still updating semi-frequently as well. It now lives at, though. Have you read Tailsteak's... other work of note? It too is hilarious and gloriously... more
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