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I have a story to offer up for sporking
Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:22am

Here is the affrometioned sue-fic

It's a tenth walker, Maiar, oc who is immortal and was created from Sauron's blood (or something) and it's also a legomance.

Something else to mention....I wrote this story. Back in Middle school. Yes I was an angsty teen.

At any rate, I really love the PPC stories and I really hate mine so I thought it would be interested to see it be ripped to pieces. :-)

    • My agents donít do movie-verse LotR, Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Aug 13 9:06am
      I donít even read thirty-six chapters of fanfic if it hasnít been recommended as "really good" by somebody I trust, and from what Iíve seen in the first chapter (thatís how far I read) it may not be... more
    • Nice! Hahatwistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 2:07pm
      I personally can't spork this story since I don't have permission yet, but I'm glad you're interested in having an old story sporked! Why? Well, part of why I'm replying to you is because I also have ... more
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