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Hm, I don't see why not.
Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:54am

I'm not sure if there's any official rule about it, but the main obstacle would be the fact that fanwriters don't know about the OFUs until they actually receive the invitation to register. I suppose you could explain it as someone who has connections with the PPC voluntarily submitting an application; if you want to make a fanwriter like that, I'd have no objections.


  • I always meant to ask...Hardric, Fri Aug 11 8:41am
    But do OFUs also take 'volunteer' students? I mean people who may consider begin writing fanfic, or writing fics good enough already, but want to get better at this? And of course want the oportunity ... more
    • Some do.Huinesoron, Fri Aug 11 10:31am
      There were at least four PPC agents in OFUDisc's first year, for instance. But they still get gratuitously tortured, naturally. hS
    • Hm, I don't see why not. — Alleb, Fri Aug 11 8:54am
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