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I shall stop at two.
Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:20pm

Name: Tango Dioxide

Age: Exactly as old as Star Wars itself. She'd rather not think about how old that is. (She's 40.)

Description: Human. Redhead - I mean red, not ginger. PPC agent. Her handful of scars aren't from missions, though - they're from spending most of a decade on the run.

Lust Object: Well, she's married (to Steve, he's a bit wet), but... well, she had a bit of a Thing for Luke Skywalker back in the day. (Though he's too young for her now, obviously.)

Alignment: Grey. When she and Blue discovered the Mary-Sue Factory, he spent the next year in jail for trying to speak out; Tango accepted reassignment and kept her mouth shut.

Notes: Tango is applying because her partner, Nyx, lived in the Star Wars 'verse on and off for seven years, and Tango is fed up of being the less knowledgeable one.

Name: Sha-Non Smi'ith

Age: Ten thousand and seventeen. Or just seventeen.

Description: Jediiiii~! kk so Sha-Non was this super talented Jedi trainee ten thousand years ago but then she was FROZEN IN CARBONITE ten thousand years ago and only woken up, like, last week. Or at least that's what she tells anybody; it may just be an excuse to use bad(e) old(e) English(e), or do we mean Basic(e)?

Also she's a dog-girl, which is like a catgirl but for dogs instead. (I believe there are several species of these around Star Wars, but she doesn't know that.)

Lust Object: Rey and Jyn Erso, though there is a distinct possibility that she doesn't realise they're actually different people.

Alignment: Liiiiight~!

Notes: She has a lightsaber. It is pink. That should tell you everything you need to know about her.

I think I got a bit tangled between 'badfic writer' and 'self-insert' there. In reality, her name is Shannon Smith (... yup), and she's a seventeen-year-old dog-loving Canadian who writes prolifically and without reference to anything except her own memories of the films.


  • Nope, submit as many as you want!Alleb, Fri Aug 11 10:41am
    I can't wait to see your created badficcer; this should be fun! -Alleb
    • I shall stop at two. — Huinesoron, Fri Aug 11 12:20pm
      • Woot, thanks!Alleb, Fri Aug 11 2:48pm
        That'll be very interesting, having an actual adult mixed in with the generally-teenage fanwriters. Also, oh Shannon, never rely on your memories. Ever. Never works well. Anyway, thanks again! I... more
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