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Oh wait, yeah,
Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:54pm

The badfic personas are supposed to be sonas, not the actual writer. Hmm, let me see.

Name: Teyori Visalia

Age: 13

Description: Teyori is a Padawan-turned-Sith-apprentice who is skilled in dark side powers, mostly because she likes using them better than her lightsaber. She is capable of Force lighting from training with her mentor, Darth Sidious, and often plays with it a little in order to take advantage of the appearance-tweaking abilities it supposedly has on herself and her enemies. (No, Twizzy, that's not the conclusion you should be drawing from the incident with The Emperor getting his lightning deflected back at him.) As such, the culmination of all the non-canon lightning is her ghostly pale skin, skeletal-looking face, impressive height, shoulder-length black hair hanging over the left eye, and sunken-in red catlike eyes. Her usual attire is the standard black Sith robes, usually with the hood up, with a black tunic, pants, and boots underneath. She speaks with a slight British accent and suppresses outward signs of her emotions unless in combat, in which the full extent of her rage and maniacal happiness are presented.

Lust object: None.

Light Side/Dark Side: Dark side, but isn't actually likely to actually kill anyone or do any real damage. She just scares people more than anything else.

Notes: None, I think.


Question: Am I allowed to add in another character based on an IRL friend of mine as she was during the time I would write these sorts of characters? I don't know if I can get her permission, but I kind of want the two to have some nice long banter sessions.


  • This is so dang appliccable to me.twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 1:26pm
    I'm going to send in the kid I was when I wrote SW badfic. Now the Board gets to learn that I've always been as messed up as I am now! Huzzah! ...actually, I was less messed up back then. ---- Name:... more
    • Oh wait, yeah, — twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 1:54pm
      • Actually, you were the right at first.Alleb, Fri Aug 11 2:29pm
        Badficcers are just that--fictional versions of the badficcers we used to be/theoretical badficcers. Although, if you wanted to have fun with it, you could say Twizzy basically inserted that physical ... more
        • Okay then! Haha!twistedwindowpane, Sat Aug 12 5:35pm
          I guess I'll make a badficcer out of my friend at that age; although she does write questionablequalityfic currently, she'd probably agree that her fics back then weren't as good. How would the... more
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