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... So now for the actual submission.
Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:07pm

Name: Tom Booker

Age: 26

Species: Human

Description: A pudgy, speccy little sad-sack with more pimples than friends and very, very clear skin, at least in his words. However, he's not actually that terrible, just overweight and with the unfortunate lack-of-hairstyle common to people for whom hair is just something that gets in the way. Yes, he's overweight and views exercise the same way other people look at a plague bacillus, wears big thick NHS glasses held together mostly with hope, and has a wispy, irritating beard and moustache dyed orange from his crippling addiction to Wotsits, but he's not a bad person. Just a singularly unprepossessing one. He looks like he'd be the sort of person who'd get very into men's rights activism, only he's at least vaguely acquainted with the concept of basic human decency. Tom is generally found in tracksuit bottoms and a Star Wars fandom tee in many shades of mysterious-food-stain-on-black, and writes terrible fanfiction centred on his OC as a means of escape from his job as a from-home data entry schlub.

He's sculpted this OC like Pygmalion did Galataea, drawing on his knowledge of the Star Wars continuum and his History degree to form a wonderful character. One he has, if he's being honest with himself, fallen in love with a bit. Actually, a lot. I mean, she's taken vows of chastity, he's actually a real person, but if they were both around he's sure it could work. So what if the other characters in the fic are drawn in strokes so broad they resemble a twelve-lane Autobahn? She's the important one.

He's commissioned fanart of her as well, standing proud in her medieval attire, lightsabre in hand, champagne-furred ears poking out from a cascade of golden hair. He has that picture above his bed, as a reminder that there's still creativity left in him, and in the world. Tom really does love her...

His Esclarmonde.

Lust Object: Sylvar, Esclarmonde

Light/Dark Side: Light side, obviously.

  • Garbage author inbound!!!Scapegrace, Fri Aug 11 2:20pm
    Name: Esclarmonde d'Occitanie Age: 21 Species: French-Cathar Description: The daughter of a Cathar Jedi and a temporo-spatially displaced heir to the county of Foix, Esclarmonde has blonde hair down... more
    • ... So now for the actual submission. — Scapegrace, Fri Aug 11 3:07pm
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