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Thanks to both of you for the answer.
Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:32pm

Guess I'll go for two characters then, volunteer and classic badficcer.

Name: Gerald Richards

Age: 23

Description: Human with brown curly hair, blue eyes, rather tall and slightly skinny. Is also a bit short-sighted, but he doesn't know if glasses exist in Star Wars, so... Generally stays quiet, except if buttons are pushed or excited. Don't exactly draws attention to him. Still has a somehow snarky sense of humor.

Lust Object (if applicable): Not really. Visiting an enjoying this 'verse is a much better way to go.

Light Side/Dark Side: Light Side here, although he want to go for 'greyer' things (consider Jedi should learn to live with emotions, not suppress them, and like the idea of writing pragmatic Siths who could have control over their emotions. Like the eye of a storm.)

Notes: Applied volunteerly after hearing about OFUs from former students. Didn't write a SW fic yet. Is a pretty big fan of Legends continuity, especially the Old Republic time, be it the MMO, Revan or Meetra Surik, and Thrawn. Disdainful about the second animated series of Clone Wars, consider Maul's return after Phantom Menace as 'cheap' and Savage Oppress as a 'yellow clone of Maul created to boost audimat'. Still likes Rebels, and saw all the movies and the first Clone Wars series. Like the idea of learning about lightsabers, with a little weak spot for dual wielding. Did some fencing and canne de combat.

Name: Darth Destructus (Lewis Jenkin).

Age: 15

Description: The most awesome pureblood Sith ever, with black hair and golden eyes, a kickass prothesis replacing his left arm, a total destructive juggernaut of the dark side. (Scrawny brat a little too much enthusiastic with black hair and brown eyes. Acne is still here, ready to come back if stress rises.)

Lust Object (if applicable): Rey and Assajj Ventress are badass. Period.

Light Side/Dark Side: Dark side. clearly the more powerful guys. Except whiny Kylo Ren.

Notes: Did like to write fics with a lot of over-the-top power fantasies as a way to take out frustrations from his life. Did see all the movies, but is far from being at the top of the game about them, and like Clone Wars, the second series. Also an avid player from the MMO the Old Republic. Is pretty much on the side of 'evil is cool and badass'. Generally loud andd obnoxious as a way to exist.

  • Hm, I don't see why not.Alleb, Fri Aug 11 8:54am
    I'm not sure if there's any official rule about it, but the main obstacle would be the fact that fanwriters don't know about the OFUs until they actually receive the invitation to register. I suppose ... more
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