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So, I've been playing around with an idea...
Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:40pm

Well technically more like three ideas. I haven't been writing and a while and it was irritating me. So I think I'm going to start writing again, and I always like to start with fanfiction to get the creative juices flowing again. So I have three works I'm working on. But I want a bit of a twist.

I'm calling for a bit of audience participation. The three stories I'm working on are all based on video games. Namely Pokemon, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. So here's the idea, periodically I would like to poll the audience to basically create a prompt for me to work with. You can feel free to add your own prompts, but I may not use that in the story.

For purposes of this experiment, the stories I write will be following the main plot of the games. Without further ado, the first prompt:

|Who are you? |

Title: The Fifth Blight-Dragon Age Origins

1. Elissa Cousland. Eldest Daughter and second child of Teryn Bryce Cousland. Essentially uses Human Noble Origin, with a few twists thrown in.

2. Kallian Tabris. Daughter of Cyrion and Adaia Tabris. Female City Elf Origin

3. Theron Mahariel. Dalsih Elf Origin

4. Daylen Amell. Mage Origin.

5. Duran Aeducan. Dwarf Noble Background.

Or the three origins I outlined:

1. Dame Jeanne de Bayard. Third Child of a minor Orlesian Noble, she was given to the Chantry as a child and became a member of the Templar Order. She was transferred to the Ferelden Circle approximately a year before the events of Dragon Age Origins.

2. Eddard Hawthorne. Renegade Apostate Mage. Captured at 16. Escaped the Circle of Starkhaven. Ventured across the Waking Sea. Has recently taken up residence in a back alley of Denerim.

3. Celestina Titus. Unwelcomed "Representative" of the Imperium. In-spite of her considerable wealth and prestige she determined to sneak into Ferelden. Altus or not, she had heard interesting goings on, and she wanted to be part of it.

    • Prompts Part 2[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Fri Aug 11 7:02pm
      Reckoning-Mass Effect Choices: 1. John Shepard. Eldest child of Captain Hannah Shepard. Hero of Elysium. 2. Jane Shepard. Mindoir Survivor. Butcher of Torfan. 3. Shepard. Earth Kid. [REDACTED}... more
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