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Okay then! Haha!
Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:35pm

I guess I'll make a badficcer out of my friend at that age; although she does write questionablequalityfic currently, she'd probably agree that her fics back then weren't as good.

How would the in-universe application be presented? More of "yourself" or more of "yourself as a Star Wars character"? Because if it's a "yourself" thing, she probably would be honest about herself (the only questionable detail being considering herself a follower of the dark side), but if it were a "yourself as a Star Wars character", she'd basically do as you said and insert the descriptions of Teyori into her application. As the race, it would be human in both cases, albeit altered by the dark side in the latter case. So what do you think is closer to how the application would actually work?

Anyway, here's my friend as a badficcer:
Name: Avice (that is neither her name nor her Internet pseudonym, because I'm nice.)

Age: Around 11

Chosen Race: Human

Description: Avice is really really really into high fantasy, and as such, writes Star Wars like it's Dungeons and Dragons. She is guilty of coming up with suspiciously cleric-esque Jedi and new Force abilities that really don't fit the genre of sci-fi. And prophecies, musical numbers with original songs, and Mary Sues. She even invented an entirely new order of Force users! Anyway, this kid is a bit more like typical badficcers than Twizzy is.

Lust Object (if applicable): Unknown, but probably has one.

Light Side/Dark Side: Light side, duh!

Notes: The banter between Twizzy and Avice is not fanfiction-oriented like the banter between present-day Avice and I, but rather more similar to two friends who have different favorite sports teams and have banter about who's the better team. Occasionally they will engage in mock duels.

How Avice Would Create a Sona (just in case we want to combine Teyori with Twizzy):

Name: Shaiata Siraelian

Age: 20

Description: Shaiata is a Jedi Knight of great skill, perhaps surpassing Anakin in her abilities and definitely being one to discover new things the Force can do. Yoda mentored her even though he is deceased at this time, through appearing to her in her dreams (something she later learned to harness and use for communication with other Force users via meditation.) She often receives prophecies in this manner, and is destined to do half a dozen great things that bring balance to the Force yada yada. At one point in time, she had a Padawan named Teyori, who she greatly misses and wishes to guide back to the light side. She has flowing, golden blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and fair skin, and wears the traditional Jedi robe ensemble. Her lightsaber is sapphire blue. This is similar to how Teyori would have looked pre-Sithhood if Avice had had her way with writing her, but Twizzy insisted on giving Teyori a less idealized appearance by basing that appearance on herself.

Lust Object: Secretly, another Jedi.

Notes: Somehow, despite being on opposite sides of the Force, Teyori and Shaiata (like their authors) are still friends. This will probably be how it is for the rest of eternity, as both are too stubborn to listen to the other's attempts to bring them to their side.


Let me know if there's anything else you'd want to know!


  • Actually, you were the right at first.Alleb, Fri Aug 11 2:29pm
    Badficcers are just that--fictional versions of the badficcers we used to be/theoretical badficcers. Although, if you wanted to have fun with it, you could say Twizzy basically inserted that physical ... more
    • Okay then! Haha! — twistedwindowpane, Sat Aug 12 5:35pm
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