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Jay - AC
Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:10pm

Name: Arvinaz Perricos

Age: 14

Description: A super-awesome (and tall and muscular) Lasat force-user, but not smelly like Zeb, with a bo-rifle that has a lightsaber mode along with the blaster and quarterstaff modes. He has purple skin and green eyes, like most Lasats, but bright blue hair also. It looks boss. Arvinaz is scarred (not physically, mentally and emotionally) from the Empire's genocide of Lasan. He survived it, obviously, and is a heroic lone rebel and protector of the people (kinda like Robin Hood, except better, because Star Wars).

Lust Object: Han Solo. Totally. I mean, who doesn't have a crush on him? Also, prequel!Obi-Wan is really hot.

Light Side/Dark Side: Light Side! Though Arvinaz sometimes uses the Dark Side against the Empire because it's more powerful, but he doesn't like to do it.

In real life, Arvinaz is a very insecure teen named Julian Michaelson who writes OCs to deal with those insecurities. Julian is also a much too enthusiastic slash shipper, regardless of what Canon says about any of his ships. Prides self on knowing all the lore and nerdy bits of fandoms, but doesn't really care about actually using his information in fanfiction.

  • Somewhere in the reaches of space...Alleb, Fri Aug 11 8:15am
    The ISD Refiner was almost ready for her new crew: their quarters were prepared, the hangars stood clean and silent for their imminent arrival, the hold was full of consumables. Even the mess halls... more
    • ApplicationLonelyStar, Fri Sep 1 10:43pm
      Name: Calls herself Estrelya Chara. Hates to admit that her real name is Annie Lynn. Age: 16 Chosen Race: Togruta Description: A young Togruta girl with crimson skin, ivory markings on her face and... more
    • Not getting many outright Dark Siders, are you?Zingenmir, Thu Aug 17 9:25am
      Let's fix that! Name: Si'Thar'Liss Ren-Vader!! Age: 17!!! Like Bella :)) Species: a beautiful mostly-human princess with the potential to be THE MOST POWERFUL SITH LORD EVER EVEN MORE THAN KYLO AND... more
    • My application:Silenthunder, Mon Aug 14 2:20pm
      Name: Serena Age: 18 Description: A hot light pink female Twi'lek. Lust Object (if applicable): Han Solo Light Side/Dark Side: Dark Side, even though I'm not a Jedi! Cos Dark Side is macho! Notes:... more
      • "Macho" says the pink Twi'lek. Alleb, Wed Aug 16 6:18pm
        I do have one question: What's the fanwriter behind this character like? Their real name, the kind of fics they write, that sort of thing? -Alleb
    • Let's give this a goThoth, Mon Aug 14 9:26am
      Name: Leo "Ironsides" Age: 18 Race: Human (Mandalorian) Description: A grey Jedi dual-wielding a silver lightsaber and a darksaber. And a rotary blaster. Also he has a jetpack. And he wears the cloak ... more
      • Edgy!Alleb, Wed Aug 16 6:16pm
        Pffft, I love this guy already. Thank you! Also, hello, newbie! Sorry I haven't commented on your thread--welcome to the PPC! My gift to you is a highly-fashionable cloak. Don't mind the sparkly... more
        • Re: Edgy!Thoth, Wed Aug 16 11:33pm
          Thanks for the cloak! A good bit of this came from a friend of mine. Including the name (I asked first). Not a real name, of course... Suffice to say, a good bit of description came from him - I... more
          • *appears*Grundleplith The Dorf, Mon Sep 18 6:42pm
            Such is my shame, I contributed the aforementioned concept for this blasterdization of a Mando.
    • Application! — Jay - AC, Sat Aug 12 10:10pm
      • You had me at "lightsaber mode."Alleb, Wed Aug 16 6:08pm
        Thank you very much! -Alleb
        • No prob!Jay - AC, Fri Aug 18 11:36pm
          I've been waiting for a SWFFA for such a long time. Bravo for picking it up, and good luck.
    • Just want to say kudos and good luck!Neshomeh, Sat Aug 12 10:07am
      And, because this idea literally just came to me, how would you like an AU tweeny!fanboy!Nume to play with? He's that obnoxious spotty thirteen-year-old who can quote every obscure piece of lore to... more
      • How about yes.Alleb, Wed Aug 16 5:54pm
        Hehehe, this is going to be fun. Thank you! I may or may not consider making him a Chiss, maybe -Alleb
        • Hehe.Neshomeh, Thu Aug 17 11:34am
          Having now looked them up, Chiss sound cool, though you might have to do something about his name in that case. He would never go with a name inappropriate for his species. OTOH, you could always put ... more
      • Ithorian. Deeeeeefinitely an Ithorian.Scapegrace, Sat Aug 12 4:33pm
        Jedi slug men from the outer reaches. =]
    • An agent seeking a refresher course . . .doctorlit, Sat Aug 12 8:30am
      Name: Nicholas Buchanan Age: 49 Race: Will stick with human. Description: African-American, curly black hair just beginning to turn grey. About six feet. Tends to wear dark suits. Brown eyes. Lust... more
    • Garbage author inbound!!!Scapegrace, Fri Aug 11 2:20pm
      Name: Esclarmonde d'Occitanie Age: 21 Species: French-Cathar Description: The daughter of a Cathar Jedi and a temporo-spatially displaced heir to the county of Foix, Esclarmonde has blonde hair down... more
      • ... So now for the actual submission.Scapegrace, Fri Aug 11 3:07pm
        Name: Tom Booker Age: 26 Species: Human Description: A pudgy, speccy little sad-sack with more pimples than friends and very, very clear skin, at least in his words. However, he's not actually that... more
    • Okay, let's give this a shotMattman The Comet, Fri Aug 11 2:14pm
      Name: Charlie Johnson Age: 20 Species: I mean, I'm pretty sure it's just humans Description: Brown haired and stocky, mostly due to a history of wrestling and weightlifting. Basically, functional... more
      • Pffft, I love this idea.Alleb, Fri Aug 11 2:45pm
        He's not even a fan. He is literally just a normal dude, with only the passing knowledge of Star Wars that everyone has, and he's been dumped into an OFU. This is perfect. -Alleb
    • This is so dang appliccable to me.twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 1:26pm
      I'm going to send in the kid I was when I wrote SW badfic. Now the Board gets to learn that I've always been as messed up as I am now! Huzzah! ...actually, I was less messed up back then. ---- Name:... more
      • Oh wait, yeah,twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 1:54pm
        The badfic personas are supposed to be sonas, not the actual writer. Hmm, let me see. Name: Teyori Visalia Age: 13 Description: Teyori is a Padawan-turned-Sith-apprentice who is skilled in dark side... more
        • Actually, you were the right at first.Alleb, Fri Aug 11 2:29pm
          Badficcers are just that--fictional versions of the badficcers we used to be/theoretical badficcers. Although, if you wanted to have fun with it, you could say Twizzy basically inserted that physical ... more
          • Okay then! Haha!twistedwindowpane, Sat Aug 12 5:35pm
            I guess I'll make a badficcer out of my friend at that age; although she does write questionablequalityfic currently, she'd probably agree that her fics back then weren't as good. How would the... more
    • Badficcer applicant!Iximaz, Fri Aug 11 11:15am
      Name: Tay-Adi Age: 16 Description: Male, six feet tall, totally ripped. Totally bad@$$ Light Side Jedi who still sometimes indulges in a little Force Lightning, but only on people who deserve it.... more
      • His struggle truly touches the heart.Alleb, Fri Aug 11 11:27am
        Thank you! Tay-Adi is on the list! -Alleb
        • XDIximaz, Fri Aug 11 11:37am
          He says you will be spared of his wrath. (He's also human, btw, forgot to mention. Black hair and gold eyes. Or brown hair and green eyes, if you asked his mommy.)
    • Are you limiting this to one per person?Huinesoron, Fri Aug 11 10:38am
      I'd love to craft a badficcer (>:D), but I've also got at least one PPC agent who could use a refresher course (/an excuse to be nosey and go poke around the Secondary Location). hS
      • Nope, submit as many as you want!Alleb, Fri Aug 11 10:41am
        I can't wait to see your created badficcer; this should be fun! -Alleb
        • I shall stop at two.Huinesoron, Fri Aug 11 12:20pm
          Name: Tango Dioxide Age: Exactly as old as Star Wars itself. She'd rather not think about how old that is. (She's 40.) Description: Human. Redhead - I mean red , not ginger. PPC agent. Her handful of ... more
          • Woot, thanks!Alleb, Fri Aug 11 2:48pm
            That'll be very interesting, having an actual adult mixed in with the generally-teenage fanwriters. Also, oh Shannon, never rely on your memories. Ever. Never works well. Anyway, thanks again! I... more
    • I always meant to ask...Hardric, Fri Aug 11 8:41am
      But do OFUs also take 'volunteer' students? I mean people who may consider begin writing fanfic, or writing fics good enough already, but want to get better at this? And of course want the oportunity ... more
      • Some do.Huinesoron, Fri Aug 11 10:31am
        There were at least four PPC agents in OFUDisc's first year, for instance. But they still get gratuitously tortured, naturally. hS
      • Hm, I don't see why not.Alleb, Fri Aug 11 8:54am
        I'm not sure if there's any official rule about it, but the main obstacle would be the fact that fanwriters don't know about the OFUs until they actually receive the invitation to register. I suppose ... more
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