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Mary Sues in Kuroko no Basuke.
Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:13am

... it appears that the Seventh GoM Player is equal to LOTR's Tenth Walker.

In many countries, sports tournaments are divided by biological sexes. There are NBA and WNBA. In Japan, the players are mostly male and females are placed as managers. I do not know if there are women basketball arena in Japan, but let's assume there is.

A pattern I see when I browse through Wattpad for KnB fanfics is that a girl is placed as the Seventh GoM and plays alongside Seirin's main team, alongside the dueterogonists. This is already breaking KnB's lore, as all the matches we see in Interhigh and Winter Cups are men's basketball.

We do see one female basketball player in canon. She is a top athlete in WNBA but retires due to injuries. She found some kids and finds a purpose in life by training the two kids she found. Their relationship to each other is like a shonen version of Scathath-Cu Chulainn-Ferdiad. No Gae Bolg and murders though, thank God.

All the other women we see in KnB are either coaches or managers. They are strong and useful in their own right. But they don't play. That is not their duty.

My point is, if you want to insert a female character into KnB AS AN ATHLETE, insert almost a hundred good female players amongst many schools. You can create your own GoMs amongst the females. Make the males your love interest(s) if you wish, but your main point is to fight for the game. Win or lose, your choice. But fight. You don't have to make three seasons worth of basketball plays, but make them play.

You can insert a female character as a manager's assistant, if you really must have her join the sport alongside the males. It won't hurt the plot a lot, the manager really does need a lot of help. And don't get too close to Kise Ryouta, he has a dimension that I think will not be healthy for a longterm relationship.

Thank you for reading my rant. I will not be sporking, I have many problems with my own fics.

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