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Diana Cribbet
Hey Twistey!
Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:18am

Ask whatever! (Is that correct?) I'd love to help, although if you are curious about a paricular expression it may vary a lot between countries; is there a specific "type" (from Spain, Latinamerica, or a particular country) of spanish you are learning/interested in?

Same here on being dragged to fandoms easily. It's not really that hard to catch my interest, but I think the characters make the story, so the ones that I stick to are those with well-written characters. Good world-building is a plus (and it makes my attempts at fanarts somewhat easier).

About the agents, uh, not right now. I don't think most of my OC's are agent material. I played with the idea of someone unwillingly getting dragged by a friend or someone to the PPC and being "forced" to join (more like confused to the point of accepting without really understanding what they were getting into) due to the lack of personal, and therefore very reluctantly taking on missions, mainly obliged to by their partner, but I don't know how that situation would play in the PPC or if it could happen, and I'm not thinking very seriously about it. For now, at least; I have no rush. Do you have any potential agents? Who are they? I'd love to know.

Nice to meet you too!

  • Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!twistedwindowpane, Fri Aug 11 6:24pm
    Hello there and welcome to the PPC! I'm Twistey, an uberchaotic neutral lightly-used-bie, and I am currently learning Spanish, so I might ask you a couple things about the language. I am in a ton of... more
    • Hey Twistey! — Diana Cribbet, Mon Aug 14 12:18am
      • Well:twistedwindowpane, Mon Aug 14 11:00am
        I'm not too sure which "type" of Spanish I am most interested in learning, but so far I've learned kind of a mishmash, since the various tutors I've had have been teaching me different things. I may... more
        • Re: Well:Diana, Thu Aug 17 7:18pm
          Sorry I got back so late. I hope school wasn't all that bad by the way. Ooh~ I would love to read some of it, specially on Steven Universe since I've always regarded them as simple (if sometimes a... more
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