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Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:00am

I'm not too sure which "type" of Spanish I am most interested in learning, but so far I've learned kind of a mishmash, since the various tutors I've had have been teaching me different things. I may just end up asking a lot about whatever kind of Spanish my teacher will be teaching when I'm back in school. (Which will be Wednesday. Woo.)

Yeah! The characters themselves are what cause me to really like the fandom, although I still make OCs of fandoms that have good world-building but turn me off character wise (which for me would be Homestuck, Steven Universe, and other stuff like that.) Of course, I also make "walking MST" OCs for fandoms that I consider all-around absurd. (WinX Club.) I just really like making characters, for some reason.

Interesting idea with the being dragged into the PPC thing, although it does seem kind of legally iffy in the sense that the character agreed to something without completely understanding what they were getting into. (Gah, I've been spending too much time on, I'm starting to sound like a law student. Which does not mean that is a bad site, by the way.) Although I'm not sure that PPC stuff has to be completely legal, given that sometimes the Laws of Narrative Comedy and other "laws" preside over actual laws in PPC stories, or get mixed up with actual laws (maybe that's more on the Board... but enough about my personal grievances.)

As for potential agents of mine, I have four (not counting the two other strange "hired mercenary" characters who do a PPC-like job but work independently.) The group consists of three siblings and their close friend, and the two older siblings and the friend all have some sort of superpowers, which leads the youngest sibling to channel his efforts into science-type things. They will always be found together (minus whoever has to go do something at the moment), and the middle sibling and the friend are (going to be) partners in DOGA, so those missions will be done by both of them. The friend is the girly-girl, the middle sibling is the tomboy, the youngest sibling is the guy who's quiet until the subject turns to something he's interested in in which case he will never stop talking, and the oldest sibling is pretty much GLaDOS (except less sadistic), which is why I'm putting her into DOA. The youngest sibling is in one of those science departments (I don't remember what it's called, but it has something to do with researching and experimenting on Mary Sues. Oh wait, that's pretty much what the name is.)

My brain is kind of shorting out right now, so that description may be a bit confusing. Let me know if you want clarifications!


  • Hey Twistey!Diana Cribbet, Mon Aug 14 12:18am
    Ask whatever! (Is that correct?) I'd love to help, although if you are curious about a paricular expression it may vary a lot between countries; is there a specific "type" (from Spain, Latinamerica,... more
    • Well: — twistedwindowpane, Mon Aug 14 11:00am
      • Re: Well:Diana, Thu Aug 17 7:18pm
        Sorry I got back so late. I hope school wasn't all that bad by the way. Ooh~ I would love to read some of it, specially on Steven Universe since I've always regarded them as simple (if sometimes a... more
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