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Yep, unfortunately, these guys.
Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:07pm

Yeah, either 03 or early 04 - I did used to be GreenCat3, got Permission waaay back when I really shouldn't have. Left for a while and only lurk on the Board, and write rarely these days, but the PPC is always close to my heart.

  • Oh hey these guys!Huinesoron, Wed Aug 16 5:27am
    I remember these guys. :D I think this is an idea the Flowers wouldn't go for in 2017, but 2003 - at the height of the Fanfic Explosion - I can see it. And if it all goes spectacularly wrong, they... more
    • Yep, unfortunately, these guys. — Chatvert, Wed Aug 16 9:07pm
      • About the same time as me, then.Huinesoron, Thu Aug 17 5:07am
        In which case... welcome to the Quattuorvirate , o respected ancientbie . Unless you think you might have been here before August '03, in which case Her Magnificence the Tsarina Kaitlyn would wish to ... more
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