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About the same time as me, then.
Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:07am

In which case... welcome to the Quattuorvirate, o respected ancientbie. Unless you think you might have been here before August '03, in which case Her Magnificence the Tsarina Kaitlyn would wish to have... words with thee.

((The hilariously bizarre concept of Tsarina Kaitlyn's iron-fisted rule over the Army of the PPC is as much of a joke as the hierarchy of oldbieness which led to it. All shall love her and despair.))


  • Yep, unfortunately, these guys.Chatvert, Wed Aug 16 9:07pm
    Yeah, either 03 or early 04 - I did used to be GreenCat3, got Permission waaay back when I really shouldn't have. Left for a while and only lurk on the Board, and write rarely these days, but the PPC ... more
    • About the same time as me, then. — Huinesoron, Thu Aug 17 5:07am
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