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Re: Well:
Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:18pm

Sorry I got back so late. I hope school wasn't all that bad by the way.
Ooh~ I would love to read some of it, specially on Steven Universe since I've always regarded them as simple (if sometimes a bit flat) and lovable characters, so it would be nice to see them from someone else's point of view (and to read some good stuff since most fanfics try to make Steven "complex" by having him angst).
Yeah, you're right. Maybe it could be interesting to add that "legally iffyness" as a personality trait, but probably for something more serious. I'm not giving it a lot of thought, I prefer to read a little more missions and spin-offs before. On a side note, I love, in fact, right now I have 26 tabs (yeah, I'm that kind of person) open on my phone to read when I have some time. (They have so many characterisation tips! And so many links! It's adictive).
On your agents, I'm assuming they are all from the same canon (correct me if I'm wrong) so where are they from? And what kind of superpowers do they have?

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    I'm not too sure which "type" of Spanish I am most interested in learning, but so far I've learned kind of a mishmash, since the various tutors I've had have been teaching me different things. I may... more
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