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Wasted Moth
Introducing Wasted Moth (formerly Dark Brother 16)
Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:18pm

Hello, everyone! My name's Wasted Moth, and I am returning to the Board after I-don't-know-how-long. Finally!

Yes, that's returning, because I used to go under the pen name of Dark Brother 16. Here's an explanation (which I probably don't need to provide, but which I will give anyway, because I feel like it).

Back when I was Dark Brother 16, I hung around the Board a while, and every now and then, I tried to get Permission, but could never really manage it. I then took a break to focus on going to college. I am currently in my Senior Year, but I will now occasionally be able to post here.

As for my previous attempts at getting Permission, I've learned a few things from them, most notably what NOT to do. For the time being, I'll continue learning what NOT to do by reading random badfics, as well as expanding my literary horizons. And in the meantime, I'll only seek permission when I have good ideas.

As an aside, a little "survey" is in order. For those who have read them, what are your favorite books written by Stephen King? I've been looking to expand my reading into horror.

    • Hail to the KingGrundleplith The Dorf, Mon Sep 18 2:59pm
      Dark Tower is and always will be my favorite Stephen King work/works. More of an epic than horror though. It (the book by that name, not the aforementioned series) is also good. New movie just came... more
    • Hey, welcome back!Diana Cribbet, Wed Sep 13 8:11am
      Here is a waterproof paperboat, just for you. I'm glad you returned!
    • Hello returnbie.Hardric, Mon Sep 11 3:48pm
      Please have some black-hole chocolates.
    • Hello returnbieCodeCom, Mon Sep 11 8:26am
      Have a pile of multi-coloured pens.
    • Welcome home!doctorlit, Mon Sep 11 7:30am
      My absolute favorite King novel (of the ones I've read so far) is From a Buick 8 . It's a bit more sci fi/cosmic horror rather than Gothic horror, but the horror elements aren't really the focus of... more
    • Welcome Back!OpinionedAngel, Sun Sep 10 10:05pm
      I haven't read any Steven King novels, though I'm curious to know if the Dark Tower books are any good. Anyway, have some chocolate and enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome back!Maxewell, Sun Sep 10 8:05pm
      My personal favorite novel was Under The Dome. I really liked it.
    • Cheers, mate!Matt Cipher, Sun Sep 10 4:28pm
      For the book question, it's without a doubt "Needful Things". What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good 'Deal with the Devil' story.
    • Welcome back!eatpraylove, Sun Sep 10 3:14pm
      I've never read Stephen King, so I can't help you there, sorry.
    • Eyyyyyyy returnbie!twistedwindowpane, Sun Sep 10 1:24pm
      Cool that you're coming back stronger and whatnot! I'm Twistey, a lightly-used-bie with really weird interests (need I say more?) and it's great to meet you. Do you have any ideas or tips for fanfic, ... more
      • Actually, I've been meaning to ask...Thoth, Sun Sep 10 7:09pm
        What the heck is a bie?
        • Boarder-In-Existence.Iximaz, Sun Sep 10 8:20pm
          With various prefixes added on to distinguish between new, middle, old, and return Boarders. Hope this helps! :P
          • Well, what might've happenedTomash, Mon Sep 11 10:55am
            is that, long long ago, we reanalyzed the "bie" in "newbie" as a suffix on "new", and then started applying it to other stuff that made sense, getting us "oldbie", "returnbie", and so on. And now Ix... more
            • [Adjusts spectacles] Well, actually...Huinesoron, Tue Sep 12 4:19am
              'Bie' coming from 'Border-in-Existence' is a backronym; the actual history is much more interesting. Pronounced Bee-yeah (yup, you've been saying it wrong all this time, just like 'meme'), it comes... more
              • I can verify...Thoth, Tue Sep 12 9:14am
                [Put on Internet Historian hat] Well, I can't verify that first part, but the negative connotations surrounding newbies trace their roots all they way to the origin of the Internet itself, with... more
                  • ... I was actually being serious (nm)Tomash, Tue Sep 12 2:24pm
                    • Are you implying I wasn't? >:( (nm)Huinesoron, Tue Sep 12 2:53pm
                      • Just a bit (nm)Tomash, Tue Sep 12 4:06pm
                        • Good, just checking. OKAY, so for the record...Huinesoron, Tue Sep 12 4:41pm
                          ... here are the things I said in these three posts which are actually true: -'Bie' is a real Albanian word with the approximate meaning I gave, pronounced the way I said. -Albania was Soviet during... more
                            • Out of sheer curiousity...Huinesoron, Wed Sep 13 4:32am
                              ... I went through the archives to see if there were any patterns in the use of -bie words. Here's what I found: ['2008' runs from 18th June; '2017' ends on 19th July; '(Posts)' has been divided by... more
                              • This is just too funny!twistedwindowpane, Wed Sep 13 8:15pm
                                Everybody suddenly started replying to my "nice to meet you" because of somebody's question. That's great! -Twistey P.S. I need to make a doodle of this.
                                • I made hS in Walfas.twistedwindowpane, Wed Sep 13 8:46pm
                         (Yeah, the googly eyes thing is one of the few sites I know where you can post stuff to the Internet but you don't need an account. Enjoy the slight extra derpiness... more
                                  • I'm pretty sure...Huinesoron, Thu Sep 14 3:58am
                                    ... "Anyway, Graphs!" is the title of the second volume of my autobiography. ;) (The first volume is, naturally, called "Growing Up Elvish", and every chapter is named after a Middle-earth song. In... more
                                    • Oh boy, that's going to be great!twistedwindowpane, Thu Sep 14 8:00pm
                                      Can't wait for you to publish it. I would buy copies. -Twistey (Well, I'm glad, because there's going to be a lot of it.)
                                      • (Dunno if I should post this in a new post, but...)twistedwindowpane, Sat Sep 23 3:35pm
                                        (I did a little memeing with PPC Boarders. In Walfas. With googly eyes.) (A thing with hS) (A thing with Nesh)... more
                  • You call it silly...Huinesoron, Tue Sep 12 11:15am
                    ... but it actually goes back to the early stages of the Board/Chat divide. This would have been late '05, early '06, when it was becoming increasingly obvious that something was rotten in the Chat.... more
                    • Oh, jeez.Iximaz, Tue Sep 12 12:39pm
                      I'm sorry for bringing up bad memories.
                      • Nah, not bad memories.Huinesoron, Tue Sep 12 1:47pm
                        This was the old days, when we were mostly fine with the Board and Chat being virtually separate manifestations of the idea of 'PPC community', rather than two parts of the same community. Some... more
                    • fascinatingThoth, Tue Sep 12 12:38pm
                      I mean, to this day, the Board and the Chat have different cultures. They're similar, but they remain noticeably different. ...Also, your post seems to imply that there was more to the story of IRC's ... more
          • Ah... (nm)Thoth, Sun Sep 10 8:36pm
      • Fanfic Advice: a ResponseWasted Moth, Sun Sep 10 1:36pm
        My general advice would be to try and keep the dialog for your characters as realistic/natural as possible without making it too weird or obvious. Other than that, research always helps. Research of... more
    • Hey, good to see you again!Iximaz, Sun Sep 10 12:27pm
      Have a plate of welcome-back SPaGhetti! I've only read Cujo and Carrie , so I don't think I'm of much use to you there, sorry to say. The TV Tropes page of Pet Semetary was enough to give me... more
    • Welcome Back!Thoth, Sun Sep 10 12:22pm
      I haven't read any King. Anyways, welcome! Take this Bolter and a bottle of Fenrisian Ale.
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