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Matt Cipher
Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:22pm

So... Barry Callebaut, a Swiss company, has recently unveiled that they've discovered a new natural colour of chocolate - pink...

About 80 years after Nestle introduced white chocolate as third kind, after dark and milk, and since then the cocoa manufacturers were silent.

Now, we can give a warm welcome to Ruby chocolate, created from a specific cocoa tree giving it the unique pink hue and the unique fruity taste.

    • I may be too excited about this.Thoth, Thu Sep 14 9:56am
      Yeah, I am waay to excited about this. A started talking about it in class. And then the person two seats to the left said that it wasn't *really* a new type of chocolate, just new to white people,... more
      • Well, let's unpack that.Huinesoron, Thu Sep 14 10:48am
        There's two questions here, really: Is it actually 'a new type of chocolate'? That depends entirely on how you define 'chocolate'. If you're referring specifically to the bars (and their... more
        • I actually will answer.Thoth, Thu Sep 14 1:32pm
          Yes, I am aware, more or less. I understand. And it is terrible. The reason I don't like it is that, judging by context, the person who raised it didn't do so to make a point or start an intersting... more
          • On privilege.Neshomeh, Thu Sep 14 1:58pm
            Always a difficult subject. I don't want to get too deep into this, mostly because I'm not really very well-versed in the topic, but what I've heard from various quarters is this: you don't have to... more
            • We are in accordanceThoth, Thu Sep 14 2:16pm
              Yeah, I agree with all of that. There are a lot places where systems break down, or are unfair, and we should examine and question those systems to see if they can be improved. I'm a programmer - or... more
        • Not even ruby, for that matter.Matt Cipher, Thu Sep 14 1:32pm
          I've seen a documentary about growing and harvesting the cocoa seeds. People over there, working for decades never in their life have tasted chocolate. Ah, found it. [CLICK]
    • Oooooooooh yum! (nm)twistedwindowpane, Wed Sep 13 7:28pm
    • What a time to be alive, huh? (nm)eatpraylove, Tue Sep 12 4:47pm
    • aaaaaaaaaaaaaHuinewhaaaaaa, Tue Sep 12 4:04am
      aaaaaaat? So, uh... when you say 'a specific cocoa tree', do you mean a specific breed, or, like... one tree? What I'm getting at, is this going to be another sea silk thing , where the closest... more
    • BEST THING 2017Maxewell IS WAY TOO EXCITED, Mon Sep 11 7:36pm
    • Whoa!! (nm)KittyEden, Mon Sep 11 6:25pm
      • Update.KittyEden, Mon Sep 11 9:08pm
        I showed this to a guy in my drama class and he stared at it for ages and then told me "it looks like soap". Thanks, drama guy.
    • re: CHOCOLATE!OpinionedAngel, Mon Sep 11 5:46pm
      Oh wow, that sounds AMAZING! Wonder what brought this around? Eh, no matter, can't wait to see what people do with this bold new discovery!
    • Any allegations about the existence of the heresy named 'white chocolate' will be, as usual, handled with fatal prejudice.
    • ...that sounds delicious.The Triumvirate, Mon Sep 11 3:08pm
      Oh that sounds so amazing. I wonder what-all has to happen to make this?
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