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Oh, hey, so that Young Wizards/PJaTO crossover updated...
Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:56pm

Does it look any better? Not sure the style of narrating does the crossover any favors still, but at least the author's got a plan (as said in another author's note)?

    • Haven't read it yet, but...Grundleplith The Dorf, Mon Sep 18 12:32pm
      ...the idea makes me kinda wince. I love Young Wizards, I like PJato somewhat, but I just don't feel like they'd mesh well--what would either universe gain from crossing with the other narrative-wise?
      • Dai Stiho, Cousin, and welcome to the PPC! o/S.M.F., Mon Sep 18 2:30pm
        (Since I haven't greeted you already. |D Consider yourself awarded a model of the Transcendent Pig: never ask it the meaning of life! Also, it may occasionally teleport to wherever (and whenever!)... more
        • I'd assume they're like the Powers in Ireland.Huinesoron, Tue Sep 19 4:20am
          In fact, that fits perfectly well - they're Powers who built something (western civilisation, in the case of the Olympians), but then never managed to let go of it. You look at someone like Artemis,... more
          • /slaps selfS.M.F., Tue Sep 19 7:37am
            Ones that are in-between, I mean. Grah.
          • Ahh.S.M.F., Tue Sep 19 7:37am
            My thinking was going in that direction, but hadn't yet gotten there. |D We never do hear much from the Powers that aren't in-between the Lone Power and Winged Defender, morality-wise. (Digging... more
        • Dai Stiho, Cousin, and gratitude!Grundleplith The Dorf, Mon Sep 18 6:09pm
          One exception to the Pantheon being influenced by the Lone Power that I'd argue--Hestia. She never really does much, but when she does, she seems to try to do right, without letting ego get in the... more
          • Shoot, link didn't work. :/S.M.F., Mon Sep 18 7:25pm
            Copy-paste the non-discyourwebapps part and it should work.
          • True!S.M.F., Mon Sep 18 7:24pm
            There's a reason she's The Last Olympian... How much Young Wizards have you read, btw? There's a bunch of books available on DD's site.
            • Up until Wizards at War...Grundleplith The Dorf, Mon Sep 18 8:31pm
              ...and I didn't realize there were any others. XD
              • Glad to enlighten you. ;)S.M.F., Mon Sep 18 10:16pm
                We're up to ten full novels, now, and a whole bunch of supplementaries! And if you click around on DD's tumblr, you'll find other goodies!
    • Highlights include...S.M.F., Fri Sep 15 8:06pm
      -A questionable understanding of how the pantheons could mix (and redundant referencing of "Powers That Be" when just "Powers" makes things less cluttered). -Seemingly casting Artemis as the... more
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