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Grundleplith The Dorf
Bear Witness to my Noobism
Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:23pm

*clears throat*

Hi. RL friend of Thoth here. Hoping to pop into the Discord but he recommended I post here first. So...yeah. Hi.

Preferred Fandoms:
Warhammer of all flavors
Ender's Game (Sometimes.)

    • Hello Newbie!OpinionedAngel, Tue Sep 19 10:30am
      Welcome to the Board! Here, have some chocolate!, and enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome aBoard!SkarmorySilver, Mon Sep 18 8:02am
      Have one of my own shed feathers and a complimentary kit of Spikes!
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Mon Sep 18 7:30am
      Please have this bag of black-hole chocolates. Out of curiosity, did you ever hear about Warhammer Armies Project ?
      • Re: Hello newbie.Grundleplith The Dorf, Mon Sep 18 9:12am
        Thank you very much, and no, haven't heard of it. *clicks link* Ah, fascinating! My Lizardmen approve :D
    • Why, hello there!Diana Cribbet, Sun Sep 17 9:58pm
      Fellow newbie, it is my great pleasure to present you with this bar of pink chocolate, the first ever produced. Please do tell us what it tastes like. On a different note, wow, it's been a while... more
    • Ooh! Sweet, Thoth recruited someone!twistedwindowpane, Sun Sep 17 1:24pm
      (I myself am aiming to grab some of my writer friends and take them here. They have some serious potential.) Anyway, hey there! I'm Twistey, a chaotic good-ish lightly-used-bie who is in a ton of... more
      • Re: Ooh! Sweet, Thoth recruited someone!Grundleplith The Dorf, Mon Sep 18 9:09am
        Well, hmmm.... I generally write Warhammer fanfiction, do a lot of RP on a MUCK. Thoth and I also have a bit of a Gundam AU going. I've submitted stuff to Black Library before on the Warhammer front, ... more
        • Nice. (nm)twistedwindowpane, Sat Sep 23 1:22pm
    • Hello, New Person!The Triumvirate, Sun Sep 17 9:21am
      I see you're a friend of my Pretentious Mythological Name Buddy. It's nice to have you here! I know the Author thing says "The Triumvirate" but nobody calls me that. It's more of a relic than... more
    • Thanks all!Grundleplith The Dorf, Sun Sep 17 7:55am
      Thank you all for the warm welcome and the gifts! I have read the Constitution and the original series, although I may re-read the latter since it's been a while.
    • Hello newbieCodeCom, Sun Sep 17 1:55am
      Hi there. Have a pile of multi-coloured pens.
    • Welcome!eatpraylove, Sat Sep 16 10:22pm
      Have some popcorn to eat while you read the Original Series, or throw at Sues if you've read it already :)
    • Re: Bear Witness to my NoobismTripleDES, Sat Sep 16 8:54pm
      -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Great to see you, Grundleplith, I'm new to the forum as well. Hearing about Redwall makes me feel nostalgic, I think Redwall was one of my first forays ... more
    • Hiya!RemnantShadow, Sat Sep 16 8:45pm
      Hi! Welcome to the board! For your newbie gift, I'll give you an over the top weapon from RWBY. What configurations it has is entirely up to you.
    • Hi Newbie!1visible, Sat Sep 16 8:41pm
      I usually don't post on the board, but today I decided to remind people that I still exist. It's very nice to have new blood around here. It is traditional to shower newbies in gifts, so you can have ... more
    • Newbie! *glomp* *poke*Iximaz, Sat Sep 16 8:33pm
      Have a plate of welcome SPaGhetti! If you haven't yet read them, may I point you towards the Original Series and the Constitution ? They're pretty much the only required reading around these parts.... more
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