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Let's talk shipping
Mon Oct 9, 2017 4:32pm

Containerization best idea ever or best idea ever?

Wait, no, wrong type of shipping.

So, do you ship?

In what circumstances? (Only certain fandoms, for example.)


and so on and so on.

I personally don't ship much, in the sense that I almost never look at characters who aren't in a romantic/sexual/... relationship and go "Hey, these guys should be a relationship!"

I will certainly root for characters who are/were in a relationship to have that keep going/start back up again, though. (For example, the nicely developing interspecies romance that was Hilfy/Tully before the author cut that off.)

- Tomash

    • I'm not too active in the shipping community...twistedwindowpane, Sun Oct 15 8:08pm
      I mean, I create OCs who are in relationships with each other (I have nothing against canon-x-OCs that are done right, and indeed there are some fandoms such as Frozen where there are only one or two ... more
    • Power differentialsMiah, Sat Oct 14 4:02am
      I ship some characters, and others I will read at least sometimes. There does need to be a canon chemistry and for slash not an explicit abhorrence of same sex relationships. A lot of the potential... more
    • I can take it or leave it.Neshomeh, Thu Oct 12 2:06pm
      Mostly I'm content to accept the canon ships or lack thereof. There are some that I've cheered on more than others (Roslin/Adama springs to mind), and some I haven't cared for (the whole love... more
      • A brief question of semantics:Thoth, Thu Oct 12 5:29pm
        Is it shipping if you're doing it entirely with OCs, or even entirely in an original universe? Because it seemed to me that shipping was about characters you didn't actually write. Was I wrong?... more
        • I never thought about it.Neshomeh, Thu Oct 12 6:50pm
          "Ship" simply stems from "relationship," though, so I don't see why it can't apply to all sorts. "[Canon character]/OC" is definitely a pairing you see on fanfiction sites. And if somebody else ships ... more
          • Let's take that to its logical extreme.Huinesoron, Fri Oct 13 7:02am
            Michaelis walked into a bar and sat down on a stool. Slumped over, he looked like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. Or so Isabel thought, at any rate. "You okay there?" she asked. "Not... more
            • I think that's a different question.Neshomeh, Fri Oct 13 5:22pm
              A "ship" is the concept of a pairing. To "ship" ("shipping") is to be in favor of a pairing. "Shipfic" is a fanfiction that emphasizes a ship. What you wrote might be a shipfic. If you're in favor of ... more
            • My thoughts[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Fri Oct 13 8:36am
              I have always seen shipping, as it relates to writing, as a construct of fandom. Outside of the realm of fandom, I see it as not really existing. In an original work, it is more or less just romance... more
    • Or failing that, ships where the subtext is heavy enough you can't help but consider them as canon, even when no confirmation is given by WoG or anything (Subaru and Teana in Nanoha, Sayaka and Kyoko ... more
    • Weirdly enough...KittyEden, Thu Oct 12 9:22am
      ...I don't actively ship anything usually, with the exception of canon ships. I'll read basically any ship in fics and stuff (with the exceptions of incest/pedophilia/abuse/etc) but I don't think... more
    • AU shipfic is a magical thing!Scapegrace, Wed Oct 11 5:37am
      I devour it because I'm way more interested in how the characters interact than in the fic's inherent minutiae-friendliness. Fanfic of any kind asks questions about the media from which it derives,... more
      • So what you're saying is...Tomash, Wed Oct 11 5:28pm
        ... that shipfic is a good way to explore characters? Yeah, that makes sense, and I'm inclined to agree that that's an important thing to do. (Since fanfiction is basically generally about... more
        • P much, yeah.Scapegrace, Wed Oct 11 6:08pm
          Though I'd also say that it can be a springboard for interrogating the broader themes of the original work. For instance, if anyone can point me in the direction of Ender's Game slash or a slow-burn... more
          • But the better you know the minutiae...Huinesoron, Thu Oct 12 7:17am
            ... the better you can think about the material. To use your own example: you can write an Ender/Alai slashfic ("salaam"), but unless you read the Shadow books and realise that Alai will end up as... more
            • That's an excellent point.Scapegrace, Thu Oct 12 7:26am
              Also, sidenote: why are so many garbage SF&F writers Mormons? OSC, SMeyer, the list, it goeth on... However, I also think that there's such a thing as going too deep in ways that are unproductive. To ... more
              • Immortality envy.Huinesoron, Thu Oct 12 8:25am
                Gondorian monumental architecture grew directly out of Numenorean funerary architecture. The early Numenoreans were at peace with the fact that they were going to die (Elros Tar-Minyatur laid down... more
                • On OSC and MormonsThoth, Thu Oct 12 9:52am
                  OSC isn't the greatest writer in the world, but I agree with hS here - he may be a bad person , but he's not a bad writer. Well, he's not an awful writer, anyways. Ender's Game is the only novel of... more
    • On the subject of shippingMaxewell, Wed Oct 11 12:29am
      I got OTPS, NOTPS, crackships and some very curious ones. If they aren't canonically interested in that gender or lack thereof, I don't ship it. If it isn't canonically stated outright their... more
    • Oh boy, shipping...Blackwing, Tue Oct 10 5:46pm
      So I am basically the opposite of Thoth. I ship largely based on hypotheticals (which I guess could be called crackshipping?) and unless explicitly stated otherwise, I generally assume every... more
      • Regarding: MtGThoth, Tue Oct 10 7:47pm
        >Liliana/Chandra from Magic the Gathering (which is entirely based on the art of a single card from Kaladesh block) I don't totally remember, but IIRC, there was a short story Wizards published for... more
    • Sounds like an excuse for pluggage!Huinesoron, Tue Oct 10 5:35am
      Rockall, Malin, Hebrides. Southwest gale 8 to storm 10, veering west. ~The Shipping Forecast I am not, by and large, much of a shipper (except in my PPC characters, who I ship so much with each other ... more
    • Well...Thoth, Mon Oct 9 5:24pm
      I really go against canon. And I will *only* ship if there is canon support. Period. That also means no arbitrary orientation-changing: If canon says the characters are straight, then they are... more
      • Tangential point re: orientationTomash, Mon Oct 9 5:38pm
        Now, to give various slash authors some justification, most characters aren't explicitly specified to be straight, and bi people are a thing. (Now, I don't think I'd use this because I'm not... more
        • Fair EnoughThoth, Tue Oct 10 8:27am
          As usual, I've stated my position poorly. I'll see if I can do better the second time around. Many popular ships are for characters with pre-existing canon relationships. Which can imply orientation, ... more
          • Oh yeahTomash, Tue Oct 10 8:45am
            Existing relationships and the personality that makes them start and continue are things you can't quite just toss out the window because it breaks characters. Unless you're taking the position that... more
            • And that's my biggest concern:Thoth, Tue Oct 10 8:58am
              Characters I really don't care what you do in terms of a lot of things. But if you mess with the characters that I know and love... Well, THAT is what gets me angry.
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