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OT: Less depressing political news
Wed Nov 8, 2017 6:20am

Danica Roem is now on track to be the first openly transgender US state legislator after winning a seat in Virginia. Her opponent was, ironically, the most anti-LGBT member of the legislature, who'd, among other things, proposed an anti-trans bathroom bill.

- Tomash

    • I sadly don't have a list.
    • More politics.Seafarer, Wed Nov 8 3:19pm
      It's been a pretty good election for the Democratic Party, really. Hopefully it signifies a move away from Trump-style populism. Meanwhile, we had an election recently down here in New Zealand. That... more
      • Having quickly skimmed WikipediaTomash, Thu Nov 9 6:04am
        I'm confused. The small anti-immigration socially-conservative party is in a coalition with ... democratic socialists? How is that even supposed to work? Am I just projecting American levels of... more
        • It's not quite that simple.Seafarer, Thu Nov 9 2:50pm
          New Zealand First has a lot of policy that aligns with Labour - closing corporate tax loopholes, introducing guaranteed benefits for students, removing GST from things like food... that sort of... more
    • Perhaps even more excitingly...Huinesoron, Wed Nov 8 8:24am
      ... she's 33, and kicked out a 73-year-old. As a resident of the country where the anti-EU/age graph looks like this: ... I think I'm entitled to say that the gerontocracy can go boil its head in a... more
      • Policy questionTomash, Wed Nov 8 4:18pm
        Do you support an age maximum on being elected to office? If so, what? (I can see decent points each side could raise on this, so I was wondering what you think)
        • No, I don't think so.Huinesoron, Thu Nov 9 8:01am
          I would certainly be in favour of some kind of mental health check - dementia screening, for example. But I wouldn't say that older people can't be effective members of the government. What I do... more
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