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A simple question
Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:29pm

I'm relatively new to the PPC, and this is my first time posting on the message boards, but I have a question about Mary Sues that's been bugging me for a while.

I watch a show in which the main character is immune to mind control, and that got me thinking: does having an immunity to mind control mean that a canon is immune to the Suefluence, or does the Sue bypass that and take control of the character anyways?

    • Welcome! Have some popcorn! :)eatpraylove, Wed Nov 15 9:55am
      Also, while some characters have a degree of OOC Resistance , only omnipotent and omniscient deities are fully immune to it. I'm thinking being immune to mind control would give this character at... more
      • The show?Storygirl000, Wed Nov 15 4:54pm
        Detentionaire. It's this mildly obscure Canadian animated show that combines the mystery and intrigue of Gravity Falls, the character diversity of The Magic School Bus, the flash animation of Johnny... more
    • Welcome aboard!OpinionedAngel, Mon Nov 13 9:28pm
      Hello newbie! Here, have some chocolate and enjoy your stay!
    • Hiya!RemnantShadow, Sun Nov 12 10:49pm
      Hi newbie! Have a block of katchi katchin, the hardest metal in the dragonball multiverse. You have one opportunity to change its shape.
    • NEWBIE! *rushes to glomp*Thoth, Sun Nov 12 12:57pm
      Take a bolter or chainsword, a flask of mjd and a mug of Klatchian coffee. If you drink both of them at the same time slowly maybe they'll neutralize one another and neither of them will kill you.
      • Ooh! Thanks!Storygirl000, Sun Nov 12 6:24pm
        The chainsword sounds pretty cool...and thanks for the alcohol and coffee, too!
    • Re: A simple questionMiah, Sun Nov 12 12:50pm
      Welcome! Have a seventeen feet long wool knit scarf and a bag of jellybabies. Use them ir responsibly!
    • Hello!Neshomeh, Fri Nov 10 10:02pm
      The answer to your question is the latter, basically because of what Twistey said: Sues don't play by the rules. A metaphor springs to mind. Normally, your immune system lets you fight off infections ... more
      • Quick questionRemnantShadow, Mon Nov 13 2:42am
        Would it be more accurate to say, instead of describing it as mind control, that the very existence of a Mary Sue warps reality in a certain area? A bit like how gravitational fields work if I need... more
        • Bit of column A, bit of column B.Neshomeh, Mon Nov 13 10:13am
          In PPC lore, Suvians have an Aura of Smooth that influences the people around them to irrationally like them, or to irrationally hate them if that's what they need to make a point about how... more
    • Eyyy newbie...? Also, here's my take...twistedwindowpane, Fri Nov 10 8:10pm
      Hi! If you plan to join, welcome! If you don't, I understand. (I myself almost didn't join because my parents don't really like the very idea of sporking.) I'm Twistey, and I haven't been there for... more
      • Yep, thanksStorygirl000, Sat Nov 11 7:18am
        Yes, I'm a newbie, and thanks for the answer!
        • Okay then! Newbie gift for you!twistedwindowpane, Sat Nov 11 4:01pm
          My newbie gift for you is a bunch of pieces of stained glass that, erm, definitely didn't used to be a window with a picture of a certain "embodiment of evil" in a certain castle in Germany! (Yeah,... more
          • Thanks!Storygirl000, Sat Nov 11 4:11pm
            I'll find a way to put the stained glass to use! I discovered you guys, almost by accident, while browsing TV Tropes one day. I read a few missions and ended up getting hooked. As for my fandoms...I... more
            • Calvin and Hobbes has a fandom?twistedwindowpane, Sun Nov 12 2:06pm
              I mean, well, everything has a fandom (I myself am part of the Animusic fandom), but I never knew of the Calvin and Hobbes fanbase being all that active in terms of creating fan work and whatnot.... more
              • The C&H fanbaseStorygirl000, Sun Nov 12 6:22pm
                Yeah, go on and search either swing123 or garfieldodie (or, alternitavey, search "The Calvinverse" on Tv Tropes), they're probably some of the best known C&H writers out there.
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