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N. Harmonik
So many choices from this one author...
Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:30pm

      • Why don't I just select the one that...N. Harmonik, Mon Nov 13 12:17am
        ...has at least one sequel and put it in Unclaimed Badfics? I know series are allowed, like the Rose Potter one.
      • I wasn't singling them out...N. Harmonik, Sat Nov 11 3:15pm
        ...I just couldn't decide which of their fics or comics to put in "Unclaimed Badfics".
        • Interesting discussion point...twistedwindowpane, Sat Nov 11 3:56pm
          Does anyone else have opinions on what to do when we find multiple badfics by the same author at the same time, or even an author who hasn't written anything but badfic? Because I think I may know... more
          • Treat them all independently. Huinesoron, Sat Nov 11 4:34pm
            If you find yourself going through an author's profile - or worse, multiple profiles on different sites - to see how much of their stuff is bad... then you're singling out that author, whether you... more
            • Alright. Fair enough.twistedwindowpane, Sun Nov 12 2:03pm
              *Picks splinters out of my id* Hmm. So if we accidentally find ourselves doing that, how do we decide which fanfics get sporked and which ones we leave alone and forget (at least until somebody... more
          • This is a problem...Storygirl000, Sat Nov 11 4:17pm
            I know at least three, maybe four or five, authors who post nothing but Mary Sue fanfiction on their accounts, and I'm worried that pointing it out will get me yelled at for singling out certain... more
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