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Art Challenge
Sat Dec 2, 2017 7:10pm

Ok, I am a day late posting this, but I am going ahead anyways. So, December has begun and I am here to here to announce the beginning of another monthly challenge called Character Drawcember. Yes, this is an art challenge not writing challenge; and PPC is a writing community. However, I think writers benefit from this particular challenge as well, especially in terms of characterization. I'm probably going to do this over two months because exams.

The rules are pretty simple, there are basically no rules. You can use whatever medium, whatever style, whatever characters you want (you could use your agents or even the results from that superhero round robin we did).

Here is the link for the prompts:

I highly encourage you guys to try this out, especially if you are in the middle of creating some characters. You don't have to be a good artist to do this; art is art regardless of technical skill, I'm not a good artist myself. You don't even have to finish it on time, I'm probably going to do this over two months.

    • A bit out of orderRemnantShadow, Mon Dec 4 9:08pm
      I did the third prompt first, because... well, I felt like it. Anyways, here is my redesigned character. He isn't old per se, in fact, he is actually pretty new; he did go through a lot of changes... more
      • Prompt 5RemnantShadow, Mon Dec 11 10:17pm
        I sort of copped out on the senior part by using an immortal character, but 90 percent of the characters I am working on are immortal anyways so yeah. (I'm just making excuses here) Awwwww! Captain,... more
        • What to say?Huinesoron, Tue Dec 12 10:39am
          I really like the flare effect on his magic eye; it's nicely done. I think the cloak would probably cast shadows on his skin? It looks like you might have a bit on the collar, but adult!Captain's... more
      • Prompt 4RemnantShadow, Sat Dec 9 12:05am
        Okay, here it is, the inside of the Shinonomes' room. I'm still not quite sure if this is going to be a student dorm or some kind of military barrack. (Damn, I really have to finish my... more
        • What - a bookshelf with space?Huinesoron, Sat Dec 9 12:29pm
          What mad alternate universe is this? (As you will see when I get my #4 up in a few minutes, this is rampant hypocrisy.) I think the differentiation of the beds is a nice marker of personality, but... ... more
          • True enoughRemnantShadow, Sat Dec 9 7:34pm
            I really need to work on my background skills. Usually if I really need a background, two characters are interacting so I never really drew a big background like this.
        • That's a tall room.Neshomeh, Sat Dec 9 12:32am
          Other than that, it looks pretty good as far as lines and angles go. I can tell you didn't use a straightedge the whole time, but it's only really obvious on the left-hand table and the books. With... more
      • A protagonist (a bit NSFW)RemnantShadow, Thu Dec 7 2:48am
        Here is my protagonist. I know she is not wearing very much, there is a reason for it other than "it's sexy" and has to do with how a certain type of magic works in universe. I'll be happy to explain ... more
        • Ooh, I like her.Neshomeh, Thu Dec 7 10:48am
          Is that the English bowmen "come and get 'em" gesture she's making, or something else? I think her chest came out really well. It looks three-dimensional and well proportioned to her torso, and the... more
      • Prompt 2: An antagonistRemnantShadow, Tue Dec 5 7:11pm
        Well, here is my antagonist, with the loosest definition of antagonist being applied here. Yue may be a criminal, but he isn't a bad person. He would never hurt someone defenseless and is the most... more
        • First reaction:Huinesoron, Wed Dec 6 3:47am
          He's, um... he's missing something... ^_~ Once again, I have to complement the facial expression here. Yue looks super excited to be in this fight; I'd imagine it's a training bout, possibly from... more
          • On hands.Neshomeh, Wed Dec 6 10:12am
            A good rule of thumb (lol, shush) is that the hand should be about the same length as the face from chin to hairline. The body has lots of convenient lengths like this, such as the foot being about... more
            • I try to improveRemnantShadow, Wed Dec 6 3:49pm
              I do agree it is necessary to know anatomy. As for hands, those are a b*tch to draw, but I will practice more, I really want to improve.
      • Looks good.Makkara, Tue Dec 5 6:11pm
        You need more hand practice, but the rest is solid.
      • Are we doing art concrit?Huinesoron, Tue Dec 5 4:21am
        [Checks] Well, it still says PPC Board, so I assume yes... :D I'm going to start by saying I really like the expression on Kaede's (I assume his full name is Shinonome Kaede, but 'little brother'... more
    • Y'know what? Okay.Neshomeh, Mon Dec 4 8:54am
      I'll never make it, but I've been blocked for so long, I'd like to try and shake out of it. I'm in. Now, who the heck counts as an antagonist...? ~Neshomeh
      • 1 and 3, sorta cheating.Neshomeh, Fri Dec 8 11:24am
        Here's a protagonist (Derik) and an unused character, redesigned (his dragon). Except the dragon was never really mine, and is more, er, deceased than unused. So, cheating. But I've wanted to draw... more
        • Doesn't embed, but the link works.Huinesoron, Sat Dec 9 12:38pm
          I'm gonna start by saying that I love the detail on the heads - all three of them, counting that beautiful harp [/Dafydd]. Skepnadth looks completely relaxed, just gazing at Derik, while Derik looks... more
          • I thought you'd like the harp. ^_^Neshomeh, Sat Dec 9 5:28pm
            (No, Dafydd can't have it; he's got one of his own. And Derik doesn't have this one anymore, anyway, though he is due to come into possession of an Elvish one in an unwritten mission...) I think... more
      • Prompt 2: An AntagonistNeshomeh, Tue Dec 5 12:08pm
        This is what I did in a couple hours this morning. Gall, being a brat with a mace, just prior to having it taken away from her and broken in two. If other people are going to give concrit, I won't do ... more
        • Final product!Neshomeh, Sun Dec 10 6:24pm
          Here it is all colorified: It may have come out a little over-saturated? I used saturated colors on the costume on purpose, because it's a superhero costume, bu then I tweaked the value and color... more
          • That is very good.Huinesoron, Mon Dec 11 2:31am
            Kaitlyn's comment: 'That person looks way too happy for someone who wants to kill me,' which I think speaks to Gall's character. :D You're right that the pose fixes itself when coloured, and I have... more
        • Revised version.Neshomeh, Thu Dec 7 10:35am
          Because who needs three sketches when you can obsess over one! {= D While this is definitely more readable, I feel like the first one had more energy somehow? Eh, oh well. I like being able to show... more
          • I agree about the energy.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 7 4:50pm
            I think, unfortunately, it's because of the pose - the way her arms are now, she looks more like she's going 'ta-da!', or possibly dancing. That mace is heavy - it should be drawing her arm after it... more
            • Sigh. But also yay.Neshomeh, Fri Dec 8 11:40am
              Maybe I'll make the mace-head smaller, and tighten her grip a bit. That might help fix the problem without me having to redo the whole arm again. I disagree about the Female Comic Character Pose. I... more
              • Well, I admit...Huinesoron, Sat Dec 9 12:15pm
                ... I don't spend that much time looking at women in scanty body-armour, so my reading is entirely possible to be off. ;) As usual with my comments, don't read my confident tone as indicating that I... more
        • Ugh, isn't it, though?Huinesoron, Wed Dec 6 3:23am
          I think the key is not lining things up directly in front of each other - you lose the depth. If Gall had her arm slightly bent, or her arm at a slight up/down angle (which people generally do -... more
          • Yee.Neshomeh, Wed Dec 6 8:47am
            Yeah, I'm gonna have to do something about the leading arm. I think it might be better if there were any way to know how big the mace-head is supposed to be, but there isn't. For all anyone looking... more
        • ShrugMakkara, Tue Dec 5 6:09pm
          It looks correct except that you chose a pose that doesn't give an interesting silhouette. At first glance, her mace head seems to be coming straight out of her shoulder.
      • So I go to open my sketchbook...Neshomeh, Mon Dec 4 10:42am
        ... And I find an old series of mugshots I started back around when I was doing the ID cards, and a reasonably decent sketch of Ilraen, too! These don't count for the challenge, of course, but I... more
        • Hee, nice.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 5 4:29am
          Henry's hair is so scruffy, I just want to ruffle it. ^_^ I'm actually having difficulty offering concrit here, because you've already done it all yourself! I think Castor is a pretty good stab at... more
    • I'll take that challenge.Huinesoron, Sun Dec 3 9:15am
      #1: A Protagonist This is Connie Sims, leader of the Interspecific Animosity Intervention Agency (IAIA, pronounced "Ia! Ia!", as in "Cthulhu fhtagn"). She and her team are officially licensed by the... more
      • #6: An AU character.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 14 4:44am
        This is kind of cheating, because she's a pre-existing AU character in her own right, but... Connie of Wessex, battlefield medic with the Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority. And yes, she... more
        • ConcritRemnantShadow, Thu Dec 14 10:26pm
          The pose looks well done, and the crossbow is actually pretty decent, if a bit plain. Remember, all you really have to do is suggest to the viewer and not include every single detail, and you have... more
      • #1, redrawn and coloured.Huinesoron, Wed Dec 13 5:00am
        I feel like I lost some of the emotion in her face with this redrawing, and also a lot of the curviness of it. Now she looks angry instead of exhausted. Beyond that... colouring. This is the first... more
        • Color, eh? Brave new world!Neshomeh, Wed Dec 13 10:04am
          I don't know what to tell you about the scanner, unfortunately. It should just, y'know, do its job. Check your settings, I guess? Make sure you're scanning a photo/image, not a document or something? ... more
          • Thank you! A new version:Huinesoron, Thu Dec 14 4:38am
            Including a somewhat different facial expression that I like rather better. I think this one has gone better , but I'm still not that happy with it. I think I'll probably stop trying to use colour... more
            • I do like that face better.Neshomeh, Thu Dec 14 10:00am
              Definitely reflects the caption. {= ) On the shadows, acknowledging that this might be due to a bad scan, it looks like you went too far on the face and not far enough on the robe. Partly because the ... more
              • This is really good advice.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 14 10:45am
                I now feel like I understand how to colour skin. I'm not saying I can successfully do it, but I feel like I understand how. You have explained very clearly. :) Thank you. hS
      • #5: Young, middle, old.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 12 8:56am
        Firethorn is a native of Summerhithe who emigrated to the neighbouring (and moderately hostile) nation of Wintertide. All this is detailed in my gloriously-titled NaNo The Kraken-Knights of... more
      • #4: A character's room.Huinesoron, Sat Dec 9 12:45pm
        Or rather, two characters... welcome to the house of Constance and Dafydd Illian. To be perfectly frank, I had way more fun than I should have with this, because it's absolutely stuffed with Easter... more
        • How? Just how?RemnantShadow, Sat Dec 9 5:54pm
          How do you have time to draw a room this awesome? You're making me want to go back and pretty up my room during the 3 day catch up period. I really don't see anything that really needs improving.... more
          • Time.Huinesoron, Sun Dec 10 4:04am
            I think it took a good 3 hours scattered throughout the day, perhaps more. As to how I /found/ the time... luckily the children were happy to entertain themselves a fair bit (with the careful... more
        • This is awesome. I hate you. ^.~Neshomeh, Sat Dec 9 3:17pm
          Such a pretty space... and the view out the windows! I loooove iiiit. Ahem. *wipes drool off chin* So. Concrit. The only thing I find off is the window seat. It seems way too deep, and I'm afraid I... more
          • Yeah, Hera needs a finer pencil.Huinesoron, Tue Dec 12 9:16am
            She's gotten all smudged, I think. She'd probably work better in colour. I can see what you mean about the window seat, and the bay window as a whole. Do you have any advice on drawing... more
            • Yeah, geometry is not my thing. ^_^;Neshomeh, Wed Dec 13 10:13am
              I like it better than algebra, and I kinda get it, and I'm finding the "start with basic shapes" technique more and more helpful, but... all the details will just take so much time , and I don't have ... more
      • #3: A disused characterHuinesoron, Wed Dec 6 2:14pm
        Andromeda ("Anda") Ethrax has the distinction of never being written in her original incarnation - she was supposed to be a descendent of the protagonists from The Future TM , but I never wrote that... more
        • #3A: Said character redesigned.Huinesoron, Thu Dec 7 4:56pm
          Also serving as a redo of the original image, to see how good I am at taking advice. ^_^ Anda is a powerful psychic - I think the term, cribbed from or inspired by Anne McCaffrey, was Prime. She's a... more
          • EyesNeshomeh, Fri Dec 8 11:54am
            First: Yay blending. ^_^ Don't be afraid to go for really dark darks, though. (I say this as someone who has struggled with this fear for years.) Next: I think these are some of the best eyes you've... more
            • Thank you!Huinesoron, Sat Dec 9 12:23pm
              Dark darks: you're right that I could probably afford to pull out the 6B pencil (this is HB and 2B on the shading, 4B for the lines); that said, Anda's bodysuit is shiny silver, so I think it's... more
        • Yay shading!Neshomeh, Thu Dec 7 11:01am
          Definitely an improvement. There's a dark dot on her stomach that keeps distracting me by looking like a very misplaced belly-button, but I don't think that was intentional? Next step: invest in a... more
        • The handsRemnantShadow, Wed Dec 6 4:35pm
          The hands actually look decent enough. However, on closer inspection, it does look like the fingers are directly connected to the wrist. Also the fingers look like there are no bones. A good way to... more
      • Concrit, then!Neshomeh, Tue Dec 5 12:15pm
        I actually have very little for this. The expression is great, absolutely evocative of that first thing in the morning groan. I love the shading under the chin and jaw, that's perfect. The one thing... more
        • Thanks!Huinesoron, Wed Dec 6 3:29am
          Yeah, I have trouble with noses when they're tipped up. I also have trouble with shading in general, which... hey, you seem to know about this sort of thing, can you help? My problem is that I can't... more
          • ShadingNeshomeh, Wed Dec 6 9:57am
            I'm no expert, but... First, "hardness" refers to the actual consistency of the lead, so the softer the lead, the more easily you can transfer lots of graphite onto the page. Softer pencils are for... more
      • Prompt #2: An AntagonistHuinesoron, Mon Dec 4 9:41am
        I had a fair amount of trouble thinking of an antagonist I'd based on Kaitlyn - for obvious reasons, she doesn't tend to be a villain in my stories! In the end I went for this deity, who starts off... more
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