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It's the most filkingest time of the year!
Sun Dec 3, 2017 9:15am

Iximaz was kind enough to remind me that yes, it is in fact December already, and that means it's time for the PPC Holiday Filk Game!

As usual, the following guidelines apply:

1. Pick a seasonal tune that strikes your fancy—anything you like, even if it's been used for this before.
2. Write new words for it with a PPC theme.
    2a. I encourage you to seek for a topic that does not involve Sue-slaying, because we have lots of filks about that. If that's what the muse dictates, though, go for it.
    2b. What I'd really like to see are more tunes about actual holiday stuff in Headquarters. There are lots of holiday filks about PPC stuff, but not too many holiday filks about PPC holiday stuff. Odd, ne?
3. Post your filk here in this thread for us to enjoy and comment on.
4. If so inclined, share a recording of yourself singing a filk or two.
5. When all's said, sung, and done, I'll add this year's entries to the PPC Holiday Songbook unless you specify otherwise.

As usual, I have yet to add last year's entries, but I shall do so forthwith. Meanwhile, have fun!


    • Not a filk, but... have an original?Iximaz, Tue Dec 12 2:14pm
      The PPC Jingle , aka "Iximaz breathes heavily into the microphone". It’s wintertime, time for holidays But the end of the year doesn’t come with a raise And the Flowers really don’t like to heap on... more
    • One special version of Jingle Bells, one!Hardric, Tue Dec 12 12:07pm
      Called it Ring Consoles. Dashing through the glitter, in a one-Ypur open sleigh. O’er the halls we go, laughing all the way. Bells on bobtails ring, making spirits bright. What fun it is to ride and... more
    • Jay and Acaciaeatpraylove, Sun Dec 10 6:40pm
      To the tune of "Frosty the Snowman," and with apologies to Iximaz. Jay and Acacia Were two fangirls from World One! They had pointy things, a Polaroid, and Their official word was "Fun"! Jay and... more
    • Holiday stuff in HQ?Zingenmir, Sun Dec 10 4:36pm
      I've got a filk for you! I call it...Eight Nights in the PPC (Chanukah, Chanukah). There's probably a better title out there, but that's what I've got. I really like this one. I even made a... more
    • That time of year already?eatpraylove, Sun Dec 10 4:21pm
      Well, even though this song's only technically about winter, I'll parody it anyway. Enjoy! "HQ Party" (to the tune of Winter Wrap-Up) Violet: The holidays are coming, and I just want a break! Chris:... more
    • Well that went spectacularly wrong....Makkara, Mon Dec 4 5:29pm
      I tried rewriting a song by Nat King Cole, didn't event get anything down before it started forming into a prose observation about how many RC's don't decorate their doors because both agents are... more
    • AU (with apologies to Joni Mitchell)Scapegrace, Sun Dec 3 12:02pm
      This is the song River , as filtered through the lens of Jennotari shipping. Yes, it counts. =] --- It's coming on Christmas And the Christmas Tree's Been putting up reindeer and Singing songs of joy ... more
      • The Saint Stephen's Day MurdersScapegrace, Sat Dec 9 7:20pm
        This is an adaptation of The Saint Stephen's Day Murders, with apologies to Irish folk band The Chieftains and Elvis Costello , of all people. --- I knew of two FicPsych doctors name of Christmas,... more
    • A couple of filks here!Iximaz, Sun Dec 3 11:13am
      I'll put out a few more this month, but for now, have these two. "I Saw Dafydd Kissing the SO", to the tune of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" I saw Dafydd kissing the SO Underneath the mistletoe... more
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