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Does anyone remember Anne McCaffrey's rules?
Sun Dec 3, 2017 9:39am

I heard that Anne McCaffrey had special rules about writing fanfiction in her worlds, but the link seems to be dead. All I could find were advertising rules that should be universal for all fanfiction.

    • I don't think they apply anymore, but...Neshomeh, Sun Dec 3 9:58am
      I have them on my old RP sites, here and here . Please forgive the ancient, crappy site design. Out of curiosity, why do you ask? ~Neshomeh
      • Ah, so it's Pern specificMakkara, Sun Dec 3 10:30am
        I was going to do a crossover between Supernatural and "Horse from a Different Sea." I like Mpreg if it makes sense, but Alpha/Omega is just so character-breaking it might as well not be fanfiction.
        • Oh, wait, I misread you.Neshomeh, Sun Dec 3 10:57am
          I gave you the old RP rules. Here are the latest rules for fanfiction and other fanworks that I'm aware of: ~Neshomeh
          • There are rules? Actual, codified rules?Scapegrace, Sun Dec 3 11:38am
            Liebe Arceus, that has to be the most smug, presumptuous, petty-minded thing I've ever heard. And I live with me . On a 24/7 basis. =]
            • There used to be just one: "Don't."Neshomeh, Sun Dec 3 12:07pm
              Authors do have a right to control their intellectual property to some extent. Anyway, if you think that's bad, you clearly haven't read George R.R. Martin's views on fanfiction. At least McCaffrey... more
              • I do know about GRRM's views on fanfic.Scapegrace, Sun Dec 3 12:19pm
                Which I find hypocritical, given that he wrote Dark!Edgy!AU fanfic of Tolkien (to the point of nicking his R.R.) and medieval history, and that his personal style makes him look like the child of an... more
                • Some agreement, some disagreement.Neshomeh, Sun Dec 3 5:10pm
                  I think trying to forbid fanworks altogether is an exercise in futility, even when it's not an outright insult to one's fanbase. I'm also on the fence about how I feel about how much time it takes... more
                  • Copyright thread? Copyright thread.Tomash, Mon Dec 4 6:03am
                    My (current) thoughts on the appropriate length of the copyright term are "14 years and 14 more if you ask"[1] (and I'm on the fence about dropping the "life of the author" clause). Term starts at... more
                  • :-/ 'in his hS way'Huinesoron, Sun Dec 3 6:21pm
                    Have I caused offence? That sounds like the sort of sentence that might mean I've offended someone. :-/ hS
                    • Not to me.Neshomeh, Sun Dec 3 7:00pm
                      I think what I mean is "irreverent and cheeky." Possibly impish or puckish... or elfish, even. {= ) It has been known to bug other people, but that's one of those YMMV tone things. ~Neshomeh
                • Tolkien AU?Thoth, Sun Dec 3 12:45pm
                  ...So ASoIaF is a Tolkien AU fic. I'm sorry, Scape, but... what? I'm trying to think of how that makes sense. And I don't think it does. I mean... By that definition, pretty much every fantasy novel... more
                  • Perhaps it's very AU?Huinesoron, Sun Dec 3 12:52pm
                    Everything is fanfic of everything else if you AU hard enough... :) hS
            • Have you read them?Huinesoron, Sun Dec 3 12:06pm
              Because a) the alternative was 'no fanfic at all', b) the only thing she forbids content-wise is pornographic sites (not even material - just entire sites devoted to it), and c) don't call the... more
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