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Help with some character problems, please.
Wed Dec 6, 2017 10:57am

I'm having trouble getting a handle on my one character. She's a World of Warcraft gnome warrior. I kinda want her to be meta enough to know about corpse-runs and gearscore and being aware that she turned in VanCleef's head but can go back to the instance and kill him again.

My inspirations
A bit of Wreck-It Ralph.

I can't figure out the philosophy behind disconnecting and going AFK. How much of her personality is her, and how much is the player. Why would she go running down a road past mobs that she can't see the level of to get to a flight point when she shouldn't know that there is a FP there...

One of her hobbies is getting into the "behind" places. In Vanilla, there are a lot of places where the textures and terrain were just not polished because you're not supposed to be there. I want her to get to PPC headquarters by falling through the unfinished tunnel near the Ironforge airport.

I have figured out that she's not too keen on trusting technology. On the server I play on, there was a bug where her mechnostrider would constantly malfunction. I also want to have a story about the time she fell off the deeprun tram and had to run down the tunnel.

    • Apologies, but I am having prompts troubles.Makkara, Mon Dec 11 7:12pm
      I got "one partner gives up something important for the other" or something like that. I'm thinking that Tocly gives up her "Ring of the Tortoise" by passing it off as a Suevian important jewelery.... more
    • I just read the talk page on Permission. I apologize for asking for public feedback on my character concept. I didn't realize that was wrong. *** It seems like people were talking about making the... more
      • Co-writes are great in the future, but we're not interested in seeing PGs' characters in your Permission attempt, because this is about how well you can write, not how well they can write.
        • It could be something like, say, Rina happening to run into Ilraen that one time: incidental, yet serving to provide characterization by the main character(s)' reaction. That wouldn't be a bad thing, ... more
          • What I had in mind... (spoilers)Makkara, Sat Dec 9 6:16am
            S P O I L E R _ S P O L I E R _ Well, first off, this might end up just in private scraps if I don't like how it turns out. I was looking through agents that were native to World of Warcraft and... more
            • All right, here's the deal...Phobos, Sat Dec 9 3:41pm
              I will allow for the use of Barid in your permission request. The caveat to that is that I don't want to remove myself from the potential PG pool (in case we need a WoW expert), so I won't be your... more
    • I was going to say "be careful with meta" but then...twistedwindowpane, Thu Dec 7 8:24pm
      I realized that most of the overpowered meta characters are the ones that can actually manipulate the world outside the game, and that where you're going is a good direction to go with it. However,... more
    • Ooh! Ooh! I have some ideas!Pasty Greens, Thu Dec 7 5:55pm
      Part of it depends on how meta you want her to be and how YOU want to write it, what you feel comfortable with and such. It would be tricky to be in a situation that you can't describe very well in... more
      • Re: Ooh! Ooh! I have some ideas!Makkara, Thu Dec 7 6:55pm
        *nod* Thanks. I'm still kinda iffy on how she is. I tried writing out her life as if she had a backstory before becoming an adventurer and then suddenly there was another presence in her head... more
        • Probably something less so, then? Pasty Greens, Fri Dec 8 1:22am
          Maybe her waking up somewhere strange is the side effect of being a deleted character. Maybe her player was hacked and she was deleted, sending her through the plothole. If she ever met her player... more
          • Re: Probably something less so, then? Makkara, Fri Dec 8 4:27am
            One thing that I don't want to do is have her meet her player, or for her player to really be able to recognize her. I think I'm going to go with how she didn't have much of a personality when she... more
            • I know it's my own fault that people keep doing this, but see Memory Implant Device for what FicPsych can actually do to aid a severely underdeveloped character. They'd be happy to help with the... more
              • Well...Makkara, Sat Dec 9 6:40am
                She'd probably wind up in HQ presenting as someone who's straight from the memory-whatsit. She has memories, at least. My dad had an audiobook called "TimeQuake" that I kept half-hearing while doing... more
    • Beta requestMakkara, Wed Dec 6 3:18pm
      It's for Supernatural. I don't have a strict time when it happens, but it's before they meet Castiel. I'm basing the story off of... more
      • Re: Beta requestTripleDES, Thu Dec 7 11:54pm
        -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 I can't offer much advice on the PPC itself since I'm very new here, but I could look over your stuff for general readability, formatting, and style,... more
        • Re: Beta requestMakkara, Fri Dec 8 5:23am
          Hmmm, my email is arbitrary.blogs at gmail. "Matrix, XMPP, Ricochet, and PGP, and I have Etherpad installed on Matrix." I have no idea what those are so you're going to have to give me instructions... more
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