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New mission and hiatus.
Sun Jan 7, 2018 2:44pm

It's Charlotte's first mission after becoming human, so naturally, she and Ix are given a daughter of all the gods and angels.

As for the hiatus, I'll still post missions as I finish them, but I'm otherwise not going to be a part of the PPC. I won't be rejoining the Discord if I properly come back.

Sorry, guys.

    • Oh, I see it now.Hieronymus Graubart, Thu Jan 18 1:19pm
      I apologize for not reading carefully. HG
    • Well, Iím a bit confused.Hieronymus Graubart, Thu Jan 18 8:56am
      How can Lottie and Ix be "unheart"? (It looks like a misspelled "unheard" that may be a homonym of "unhurt".) After killing the Sue, the agents portal to a place where there is a porch, but I have no ... more
      • It was supposed to be unhurt.Iximaz, Thu Jan 18 9:12am
        As for the porch, they just walked outside. No portals were involved until they got rid of the Sue's body. Thanks for the correction.
    • CommentsTomash, Fri Jan 12 7:31pm
      I liked the kill, and I get the feeling the Flowers are about to lay into Ix and Lotte for not actually charging the Sue. The Sue exploding was a really funny bit. The whole thought-speak/signaling... more
    • Well, good luck for you Ix.Hardric, Sun Jan 7 4:08pm
      I'll miss you and, if you come back, I'll miss the RPs you had on Discord too (I didn't participate to these even half as much I would have liked). I also hope we can stay in contact, even if your... more
    • :-( (nm)Thoth, Sun Jan 7 3:20pm
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